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The Requirements:

Artwork should be submitted in .JPG or .PDF format, with a maximum file size of 3MB.

If your submission gets picked, we'll get in touch about print ready files. Until then, keep it simple.

Email us with any questions.

Good luck!

the Design Fund

Time for some creative exploration? Each Design Fund project is a chance for you to see a topic you're interested in become a piece you produce and share with everyone. You'll also help generate the funds to produce the next project developed by someone you might not even know. Yet.

We know how hard it is to fund personal work. That's why all proceeds from Design Fund projects are repurposed to support future work by other artists while helping to sustain the Design is Love environment.

What's in it for you, other than that warm fuzzy feeling you get from supporting something so cool? If your work is selected, we'll hook you up with samples of your work and some product from the shop. That's reciprocation, Baby!

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