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Support. Being a member is a great way to start. Everyone involved with this site plays a part in its growth. Whether you participate in the Design Fund, join inwords conversations or support fellow members through Helping Hand, you become a partner in building Design is Love.

A few ways to show you care.

Visit our on-line shop and pick up some swag. We rely on store sales to keep the Design Fund thriving, giving our members a chance to see their work produced.

Consider donating just 1% of the creative fees associated with a Helping Hand project to Design is Love. Every contribution helps us maintain the site and plan for a future of downright greatness. Ready to donate? Get started here.

Or you could always become a sponsor. We're cultivating a demographically diverse community that includes personally invested members from both the creative and business management professions. If you're interested in partnering, please get in touch.

Have you had a positive Helping Hand experience? Learn how a small percentage of your budget can help sustain this very site. Check out the details.



Participation is Caring

Once you've read enough about us and want to start your own story, there are a few ways you can get involved. Visit the links below to start. We love the enthusiasm.

Helping Hand
Get connected. Then get creative.

the Design Fund
Where participation = support.

Take the time to think it through, then put it in words.

Back @ Cha

An online hug and a promise to never forget the people who help make this site possible.
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