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Introducing Anthony Foronda!

A month or so ago, Design is Love founder Troy Monroe was invited by our friends at AIGA CT to facilitate an early morning, intimate conversation aptly named "Breakfast Epiphanies". We headed up to Putnam, CT to meet a handful of attendees and discuss the pursuit of passion. The talk eventually shifted to a discussion focused on how we can better organize our lives to allow us the opportunity to find satisfaction in the work we do. A leader of this dialogue was Anthony Foronda.

If you have your finger on the pulse of current illustration you've most likely seen Anthony's work. His work often appears in national and international publications, along with receiving the highest accolades an industry can bestow on an illustrator (recently five of his works were selected in the Lurzer's Archive of Illustration's 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide). We're absolutely delighted to have Anthony contribute to Design is Love as our current guest artist. We hope you'll take a look at his work for our site...and all the other great things on which he's working.

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Building a Stronger Community

Here at Design is Love we're always looking for new ways to expand on the relationships we've created. Over years of work together on many projects, Tim Mendola (of Mendola Artists Representatives) has proved to be a valuable resource to the creative work we do. When recently looking for a new inwords artist, Tim put us in touch with the amazingly talented Richard Mia, who we've been a fan of for some time.

Richard (who is represented by our friends at Gerald & Cullen Rapp) has an innate ability to understand the subject for an illustration and create a beautiful piece of artwork that is both accessible, and at the same time, challenges a viewer to look deeper to understand more. Often using a subtle insertion of opinion and the thoughtfulness that comes from caring intensely about your craft, Richard's work is well-worth a second, third and fourth look when searching for your next illustrator.

Check out Richard's current inwords illustration!

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Many thanks to David Senior!

Throughout the fall it was hard not to notice the thought-provoking and often colorful work of our inwords guest artist David Senior. David's witty approach to each of his six contributions often reduced each topic to a beautifully simple, graphic illustration that perfectly matched the tone of the conversation. As a full-time designer and freelance illustrator David is constantly creating, something we relate to and appreciated most about working with him. We hope you'll take some time to visit his site and keep him in mind when you're looking for a great illustrator for your next project.

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It's all about "Love & Creativity"

Well it took a bit of time, but all great things do…right? We’re happy to share that the Design Fund has set sail on its maiden voyage. “Love & Creativity” represents the first-ever Design Fund offering. For this project, we asked Design is Love members to share their take on creativity. Eight members submitted original artwork. To honor their engagement, we decided to print them all.

The set includes 8 original posters created by 8 artists from varying backgrounds / geographic locations / styles. We packaged them in a custom screen-printed box, printed with a ton of love by the Design is Love crew. Each set ships with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity, proof that you support work from the heart.

Contributing artists include Chris Piascik, Ryan Frease, Claudia Smith, Justin Muir, Josh Lafayette, Tomasz Kazmierczak, Vaughn Fender and Lorena Iturrino.

Remember, proceeds from Design Fund products help support future community projects and development of the Design is Love movement. Help our continued growth with your purchase today!

"Love & Creativity" Poster series"Love & Creativity" Poster series"Love & Creativity" Poster series

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Gracias to Claudia!

For the past three months, designer / illustrator (and now dear friend) Claudia Smith filled the role of guest artist for our inwords section. She produced 6 original pieces of artwork and her aesthetic was perfectly in tune with Design is Love. Working with Claudia was a true pleasure and it also gave us a chance to practice our Spanish! Claudia lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and got in touch with us by submitting a poster to the Design Fund, which is currently for sale in our store. You can see some of her wonderful work on her website. Thank you Claudia for a job well done!


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A world of support

We recently stumbled onto a wonderful Russian design website and  publication called kak.ru and were compelled to reach out to the editors to express our admiration for the awesome work they're producing. We also used the opportunity to share the Design Is Love story with the kak editors in hopes of growing our community with the help of a few comrades from the other side of  the globe.

The results are better than we could have ever imagined. The editors posted a call for membership in their news section. This call directed members of kak.ru's community to jump onto the Design Is Love site with the intention of using serious collaboration to shape and grow an idea sans borders and pro love.

We are very pleased to report that as a direct result of the posting, the DIL community has grown with a host of new profiles being added from all over Europe. To each of our new community members, both foreign and domestic, we have a very important message. "Hi. We're happy you're here."

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Welcome Home.

The co:lab crew was all hands on deck when it came to pulling our site together. For the better part of two years (off and on), we’ve been working and reworking site ideas, designs and programming options. Through the whole process, we’ve managed to somehow stay positive and genuinely excited, which is pretty much the norm with the co:crew.

This project would still be in the concept stage if it weren't for our good friend Thom who tirelessly built the beast that is Designislove.com. We’re especially impressed with how easy he makes everything—or at least how he pretends that our questions are never too complicated. So, to Thom, thanks!

We’re happy to share the results of a "get it done" attitude while remaining true to our passion of building a stronger creative community. Take a look around, join up and help build a site that we can all be equally excited about. After all, this site is for everyone. Enjoy!

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What’s your uniform?

Around here, most days are pretty casual, unless we have to get dolled up for a client meeting or after-work event. Typically, it’s jeans, tshirts and sneakers for us. To supply our insatiable appetite for all things 100% cotton, we’ve produced a handful of Design is Love shirts. At this point, we’re one shirt shy of having the work week covered with branded apparel. Shop the shop and show the world you have an endless supply of heart.

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Master of the type

Every three months or so, we’ll be inviting someone new to create the artwork for our inwords section. To get things started, we reached out to our good friend Chris Piascik, an artist & designer currently residing in Connecticut. Like us, Chris is constantly searching for his next bit of creative inspiration and has been hugely generous in helping us out. You can check out his unique style of illustration by visiting his site where he posts an endless supply of quality work and fascinating daily drawings.

If you’re interested in becoming the next visiting creative for inwords, drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.

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