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discussion closed on 02.26.12
Time travel is still a thing of fantasy, but being creative folks we're sure you can roll with this topic: If you could live in an another time period, when would you choose? 
discussion closed on 01.22.12
As we close the books on 2011, we're curious to know how you did with your resolutions that were vowed one year ago?
discussion closes on 02.23.18
We would like you to reflect upon and share that moment which was powerful enough to become your earliest memory. Remember when?
discussion closed on 12.18.11
The insertion of personal investment often leads to a deep sense of pride in our creations. For this inwords discussion we want to know, what has made you the most proud?
discussion closed on 12.05.11
Can you remember when it was that you knew that you were creative? Has creativity become an aspect of your everyday life?

discussion closed on 11.22.11
You're a lot more than status updates and shared posts, care to tell us a little about who you are?
discussion closed on 09.25.11
Do you consider your thought-provoking location to be a private place from which most are excluded or do you prefer to have others around you? 
discussion closed on 08.21.11
How do you define vacation? Do you allow yourself time to make a hard break, clear your mind and reset? 
discussion closed on 07.10.11
What is it that makes experiencing beauty memorable, unique and significant? Can we learn to be more conscious of beautiful things?
discussion closed on 06.26.11

Is fame an unavoidable by-product of determination and good work? What is the true value of recognition and publicity?


discussion closed on 06.12.11

It often seems that even in environments full of collaborative spirit competitions can arise. Is there really such thing as "healthy competition"?

discussion closed on 05.29.11
When met with opposing beliefs is there a nice way to talk about political issues while still maintaining your personal opinion? 
discussion closed on 05.15.11
As you visit music venues, art galleries and local businesses have you rekindled a love for a certain artist? 
discussion closed on 05.01.11
Winter is over and our landscape is coming back to life...phew! What do you do to take advantage of this natural muse and awaken your creativity?
discussion closed on 04.17.11
For this inwords discussion, we'd like to get your thoughts on how we can improve this site and community. 
discussion closed on 04.03.11
There's no shortage of ways that we can find engagement. When it comes down to doing "the thing" what drives the decision to get involved? 
discussion closed on 03.20.11

Freedom, both personal and creative, is a concept we talk about in many ways. How does the idea & feeling of freedom help or hinder you?

discussion closed on 03.06.11
What is your your favorite book? Have you read it multiple times and if so, does the meaning evolve each time through? 
discussion closed on 02.20.11
How do you identify the idea and feeling behind "love" and the importance it has in your life? Is love definable? 

discussion closed on 02.06.11
Animals often leave us awed by characteristics that are essential to their survivability. 
What animal would you be?

discussion closed on 01.23.11

Out of all the places you've ever been, what's the one city that stands out among the rest? Inspire us with your thoughts and recollections.


discussion closed on 01.09.11
Another New Year is upon us and we all have an opportunity to make a few minor or major life adjustments. What changes will you make?
discussion closed on 12.26.10
Who inspires you? Who sparks your creativity and motivates you to be better? Who drives you to be an inspiration for others?
discussion closed on 12.12.10
Are there particular aspects of your life that you appreciate more than the others? Are more thankful during this time of the year?
discussion closed on 11.28.10
"Creative"is a loose term, what's your definition? Share examples of how you use creativity in your professional & personal life. 
discussion closed on 11.14.10
What's your favorite season? Do you find that you are more creative & inspired during one time of the year?
discussion closed on 10.31.10
Does the idea of "handwritten" still exist? Are handcrafted elements and messages a part of your process or finished piece?
discussion closed on 10.17.10

How important is language in your daily life? Is it a unifying force? Does it create barriers that must be overcome?

discussion closed on 10.03.10
What is happiness and how important is it in your life? Is happiness something you're mindful of and plan for? 
discussion closed on 09.19.10
Are there times where you take a few extra seconds (or longer) to contemplate how you could make something "better"?
discussion closed on 09.05.10

When being creative is difficult, how do you cope and inevitably break the vicious creative slump? How do you get back on track?

discussion closed on 08.22.10

If you could only pick one of the five senses to keep, what is the single sense that you couldn't live without?

discussion closed on 08.08.10
If you could start with a blank canvas, what would your ideal workspace look, sound or even smell like?
discussion closed on 07.25.10
Is the absolute perfect thought / idea / execution readily achievable or is it a phenomenon? Does perfection exist?
discussion closed on 07.11.10

It's officially summer and we have vacation on the mind. Share the details of your most memorable trip...

discussion closed on 06.27.10
Overcoming obstacles can yield unbelievable results. What have you worked on lately that you feel good about?
discussion closed on 06.13.10

Big or small, obstacles get in the way of creative thinking and block the path to success. How do you overcome limitations and achieve greatness?

discussion closed on 05.30.10
The everlasting search for inspiration. Where do you find it and how does it affect your creativity? Share how you stay engaged and inspired...
discussion closed on 05.16.10
If you could wake up tomorrow with a brand-spanking new career what would you want to do...and why?
discussion closed on 05.02.10

We took a look at all our member profiles and you're a pretty eclectic bunch. For this inwords discussion share  what you do...

discussion closed on 04.18.10

Here we go. First discussion—and it's a whopper. We all have different motivations. Sure. We also have different concerns...


We'll post the topic to start the conversation. Where it goes is up to you.

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