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Why this matters

We're building a movement where your participation & support help to shape a community around the idea of “do good”. It's a heartful place where you're encouraged to develop real relationships with other members through three active areas: Helping Hand, the Design Fund and inwords.

We want to provide stimulating opportunities for our members to explore their creativity through funded projects and engaging communication, along with a match-making system that brings creatives and non-profit organizations together—taking the positive energy promoted here and sharing it with the world at-large. As stewards of our profession, you can count on us to lead by example and uphold standards in work practice that are beneficial to both creatives and their clients.

Whether you're here to do personal work, share your individual perspectives or find quality working relationships, we're happy you found us. We encourage you to get involved and support the growth of Design is Love.

Core Values

How we got here

Design is Love started as a response to conversations with creatives across the country. So much of the dialogue revolved around building businesses and fear of competition that we felt like odd-birds talking about the value of working from the heart. Above all else, building emotional connections through design has been at the core of our design process here at co:lab. It's such a rich, empowering experience that we wanted to share it with everyone. The “everyone” part is where the idea of a web site came in.

Here's one of the best descriptions of design I've come across: “design is an opportunity to engage the creative expression of an individual or an idea.” As designers, we fuse context to content. Design is Love is our way of encouraging everyone to explore and refine their creative voice while helping to shape the future of our industry.

Let's create stuff. Let's commit to sharing real connections. Let's collaborate and make a big difference. We look forward to building this campaign together, with mutual support and promises of lasting relationships. Design is Love, after all.

Troy Monroe / co:lab / founder, Design is Love

Participation is Caring

Once you've read enough about us and want to start your own story, there are a few ways you can get involved. Visit the links below to start. We love the enthusiasm.

Helping Hand
Get connected. Then get creative.

the Design Fund
Where participation = support.

Take the time to think it through, then put it in words.

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An online hug and a promise to never forget the people who help make this site possible.
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