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May 16, 2010

Fresh start: what would you do?

After discussing “5 facts about your work” in the last inwords conversation, a few members stumbled onto an interesting topic: If you could wake up tomorrow with a brand-spanking new career what would you be doing? Share with the community what your current profession is and why this fresh start, hypothetical job really tickles your fancy.

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05.02.10 / 7:57 PM
Happy to report that this inwords topic comes directly from the last conversation. @bcgrabell and @formsubstance started discussing what they would do if they weren't designers. We thought it was super interesting and would love to hear what everyone else would want to be. As always, thanks for your participation. Always with heart, for the love.
05.02.10 / 8:33 PM
I'm a designer.

but... I came about this indirectly. I actually went to college for two of the things below (I didn't actually study design...).

Film maker/Poet/visual artist/performance artist (kind of like Cocteau) > it combines the stuff I enjoy.

Teacher. > because I'm interested in blowing oxgen on a fire

Singer/guitarist/songwriter in an irish folk/punk band > because when I'm alone an meditating, this is how I do it.

Neurosurgeon > because the brain is interesting and I have an interest/aptitude for science

Astronaut > because I believe in focus and I'm not afraid of fire or heights (or speed)... the isolation might be a problem.
05.02.10 / 9:33 PM
I am a designer and illustrator and artist and....

I really can't imagine doing anything else. I think the only thing that would be able to compare is making music. Oddly enough I don't play any instruments—I never had the patience when I was younger and I can't imagine committing the time to learn now.

Hmm.. actually, I spent some time working as an adjunct professor of design at the Hartford Art School. I could see myself teaching full time.
05.02.10 / 10:42 PM
I'm a designer and illustrator who's just starting out. If I had to start doing something, I think I'd end up as a baker. I enjoy making baked goods almost as much as I do eating them. Though without a decent sense of smell, I'm not totally sure my stuff would be trusted... regardless of how good I think everything tastes.
05.02.10 / 10:59 PM
@chrispiascik I was thrown into a band class in middle school and dropped it within a day. I think I was intimidated by the whole thing. It's one of those things that upon looking back, I sort of regret. Not sure if I would've actually stuck with it, but it would've been pretty interesting to learn how to play something.
05.03.10 / 12:06 AM
@stephenkissel I took piano lessons for a little while when I was really young—the problem was practicing. I couldn't fathom why I would ever want to practice the piano when I could go ride my bike! The same happened with guitar lessons a few years later.
05.03.10 / 7:42 AM
I am a designer/ Illustrator as well...

As little TV as I watch, but every time I turn it on, their is some type of cake decorating challenge. The creativity, and the time that goes into these cakes, no matter what the occasion is, they come out looking fantastic. I really wouldn't mind going to the other side
of artistic mind challenge with desiging cakes!

P.S. Not a cake lover either!
05.03.10 / 10:03 AM
If I had a million billion trillion dollars, I'd still be a graphic designer. The only difference is, I'd work exclusively for non-profits. The best work in my portfolio, is that done for non profits. I feel more comfortable helping causes communicate effectively, and beautifully, than I do helping clients sell or promote. (not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that).

So yeah. If I could start over tomorrow, I wouldn't do a whole lot different, just a different client spectrum I suppose.
05.03.10 / 10:04 AM
as mentioned previously, i am a designer / collector / artist / photographer / student for life / etc.

i would definitey be a basketball coach. i've played competitively for ages ( and still do ) and coached all age groups. i appreciate the cerebral and the physical aspects to the game, and in its purest form, basketball is the consummate team sport. i'm also a super competitive and passionate dude.
05.03.10 / 10:45 AM
I would do something less subjective. It's too easy for creative directors and marketing managers and clients to have an opinion on your work that is purely reactive and subjective. It's hard on the soul.
05.03.10 / 12:49 PM
really diggin' this discussion { obviously }

@ stephenkissel - baking is a very interesting response. to me, baking seems very formulaic... i am not that into that process... i feel that i am better suited for the process of cooking, where { to me } it doesn't seem to be so exact.

@ wylman - ace of cakes or cake boss?

@ jsolak - basketball is my favorite sport to play. i miss playing it on the team level.
05.03.10 / 12:52 PM
i maintain that i would be a park ranger or something like a brewer or distiller. ideally, i wouldn't know how to use a computer.

i would have a job that was physical and then i'd get to have a hobby that was spiritual, like writing.
05.03.10 / 3:18 PM
@bcgrabell - Its a tough call, they both have specific styles, but I think I have to go Ace of Cakes! They have a mix of talented artists and their cliental is pretty impressive too!
05.03.10 / 3:28 PM
If money was no worry, I'd be a full-time artist doing work for myself. I love being a designer/art director because I get to make a living creating things, but there are certain times when a client gets too involved with artistic choices, bad artistic choices, that it makes me want to run into traffic.

And since I don't have the cajonés to make a go of it it on my own. I am stuck working for the man and doing my work as a side, creative release.
05.03.10 / 9:41 PM
I'm a designer.

I would want to own a bakery/coffee shop. A place where I could make delicious looking and tasting treats that people love and enjoy. It would want it to be a place where people come to have a cup of coffee, read the paper and eat a pastry. But I would also want my creativity put to the test by creating works of art out of cake, chocolate and sugar :)

Or I'd want to be chef/cook, cause I love cooking just as much as baking! Trying new dishes and using new ingredients to make something you could find in a restaurant is a great outlet for me. If I didn't have a bakery I'd have a food store/cafe (think Pasta Vita or Coffee's Market).



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