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April 18, 2010

What keeps you up at night?

Here we go. First discussion-and it's a whopper. We all have different motivations. Sure. We also have different concerns. For some of us, they are one and the same. What pops in your head when it's quiet and you ought to be heading off to Slumberland where there's nothing to distract you from _______? Fill in the blank and join the conversation.

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04.03.10 / 3:58 PM
When I finally am ready to relax and maybe sleep, the thing that keeps me up is the thought of everything I could be doing instead of sleeping. As soon as my head hits the pillow, and the busy thoughts subside, I'm slowly freed to formulate ideas like stacking Russian doll apps + song lyrics. The problem is... then, when I feel satisfied, I fall asleep. When I wake up, I can never quite pick up where I left off or replicate what seemed so perfect and unforgettable the night before. It's a fun game, really—throwing things away. Nothing is precious.
04.05.10 / 10:25 AM
original purpose. and unremarkable concerns that don't really matter.
04.05.10 / 10:34 AM
My seemingly endless "To-Do" list definitely keeps me up at night. I also do this wonderful thing where I stay up way too late working on something and then feel like I need to rush myself to sleep because I know I have to get up early. Yeah, that never works.
04.05.10 / 10:54 AM
I am so into the idea of being awake, that is mostly what keeps me up at night. The thought of laying down and ending the day is never as fun as prolonging whatever I'm doing at the moment.

I wish I could accumulate my "sleep time" they same way people do with "sick time" at their jobs, then cash it in all at once in the middle of winter. Yeah, that sounds perfect.
04.05.10 / 11:30 AM
I'm always thinking some form of one of three things: How do I solve that problem, how should I design that, how do I explain this to people because they won't understand. I like falling asleep thinking one of the first two, because designing and solving problems is just fun. The third, explaining what we do, is just frustrating, and who really likes to fall asleep frustrated.
04.05.10 / 11:56 AM
...slipping into your bottomless alpha state!
04.05.10 / 12:03 PM
@mattcurylo: sounds like you actually like falling asleep? What about it do you like?
@wlyman: I'm right with you...I try to stay away from bottomless abysses. It's like bodysnatchers.
04.05.10 / 12:04 PM
Staying sharp, yet remaining secure.
04.05.10 / 12:11 PM
mr. anthony: yes.

i would also say that i like being asleep. i think i'm more in-tune with myself then, which is really comforting for me.

however, the falling asleep part is pretty much just that. falling. + heights make me nrvous.
04.05.10 / 12:31 PM
for reals: the thought that I'm not living life to the fullest is at the bottom of never ever ever wanting to fall asleep.
04.05.10 / 12:40 PM
Hey Anthony: (by the way... welcome, everyone) Is your comment what keeps you up at night? I'd love to understand more about that perspective.
04.05.10 / 12:44 PM
@rich_colab: All my ideas and creative thinking comes to me when laying there, and when I wake up, for some reason, I just loose it all! I have to think of a solution for this! Note book by the bed!?
04.05.10 / 12:54 PM
I agree with CP, it's always a race to get to bed, based on the tendency to work until late into the night. I'm still trying to get myself to the point where getting ready for bed is a relaxing thing.

Where Constanza sees a need to stay up because she doesn't want to miss out on life I end up fighting the urge to go to bed, get involved in thinking about something, don't want to put the sketchbook down then continue to think it through once in bed, so I don't miss out on any good thoughts. It's an endless exercise of sleep deprivation.

@wlyman: I never thought I had a need for the notepad by the bed then I tried it and was amazed by the clarity in thinking and overall sense of organization it brought to my creative process. As a habitual pre-sleep thinker (and subsequent forgetter) it's helped me sleep more soundly and get into REM much faster.
04.05.10 / 12:54 PM
@wlyman: Same thing here. I've tried the notebook, sketchbook, tape-recorder (waking my wife to share my thoughts... not advised). When I review the thoughts, however, I end up wondering, "wow. what was I thinking?". I think the answer is... I wasn't thinking. It was an isolated thought that made me happy while it occurred. The attempt to replicate that feeling is rather bittersweet. Know what I mean?
04.05.10 / 1:36 PM
i'm with you rh, but i do like to be able to go back+ remember what i was thinking and then "dismiss" it rather than spending time, energy and ultimately frustration on trying to remember that thing i was thinking about.

i love the notebook by the bed. i also agree that waking the wife up to tell her what's on your mind isn't advised.

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