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February 23, 2018

What is your earliest memory?

"Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us." ~ Oscar Wilde.

Whether we use our memories pragmatically or spiritually, our internal reflections are a powerful source of inspiration and guidance that we can all draw upon as creative people. We would like you to reflect upon and share that moment which was powerful enough to become your earliest memory. Is it something you keep safely stored away in the back of your mind or is it in the forefront, where you're able to revisit it often? We're curious to know... do you remember when?

12.20.11 / 8:45 PM
Memory is a powerful thing. Since there's a few of us that make up the Design is Love team we'll leave our answers to be sorted out as individuals, but we do want to thank everyone for helping make DesignisLove.com an memorable experience. We are constantly delighted to see new names appear in the "most recent" section, and hope you'll encourage friends to share the community we're developing together. Best wishes to all for a very awesome year end and great things in 2012!

12.25.11 / 11:04 PM
I apparently remember way further back in time than I previously thought. Its hard to say which memory came first, but i generally remember being two years old and day to day activities. Total freedom and discovery, blissful times of my life being one and two years old :)

Going through a photo album where i was two years old, i remembered more than i expected! I remember seeing a large praying mantis on a porch, it was fascinating. I remember our first car(Buick Roadmaster), burying pennies into a sandpit to grow a money tree, playing in the sun and garden hose chasing rainbows, and trying to imitate my dad paint/draw.

There're plenty of memories, and they truly feel deep in my psyche and are a treasured part of my identity.

01.03.12 / 7:24 PM
i am obsessed with memory. i believe that this obsession has lead me to have a pretty incredible memory. though if you as my wife, my memory is often as poor as my listening.

i'm not too sure what my first memory is (exactly), but like DZarov, my earliest memories are like a photo album. they include: playing in the backyard at my parent's house, my mom teaching me to swim in the sound (which helped me develop into a really great swimmer who is terrified of the water) and also my older cousin teaching me to draw... which i still love to do.

as i get older, my memories are clearer and more neatly organized... kind of like damian lewis' memory in stephen king's dreamcatcher. and also like that movie, i keep them safe under lock & key where i visit them as often as possible.


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