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December 18, 2011

What makes you proud?

Creation is a powerful thing. Every day we each actively pursue opportunities to make, in oh so many capacities. Over the years we've discovered that when you participate in the process of creation (at any level), you leave a piece of yourself in what you make. That insertion of personal investment often leads to a deep sense of pride in our creations. For this inwords discussion we want you to share a project (or thing) of which you are modestly or overwhelmingly proud. We're also curious about what has made you the proudest? 

12.07.11 / 10:00 PM
Although things have slowed down around here as we work on the next phase of greatness (achieved together of course!) we're proud that conversations continue to happen, new members continue to sign up and we all share the things that matter most.

We're pretty damn proud of all of you for taking time out of your busy day to be a part of this movement. Thanks for that!
12.18.11 / 3:23 PM
there have been only a handful of projects that i've influenced and in turn been influenced by. those select projects are the ones that i've been truly proud of. i wouldn't change anything about them, except for maybe trying to get them to last longer. i often tilt my head and wonder how something can be better or simpler, but with those projects i keep my head level and let them be. i completed them and they, in turn, completed me.

i have a new project. i haven't really even started it yet, but i'm already proud of it. though it is one that i'm very scared of, because i don't know how it ends (unlike those above projects). i may be a little too proud of it and i think i should check myself and get going.


We'll post the topic to start the conversation. Where it goes is up to you.

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