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December 5, 2011

When did you realize you were creative?

Building off of our last conversation, we'd like to continue learning about you. Specifically, can you remember when it was that you knew that you were creative? Have you always felt imaginative or did your creativity manifest itself later in life? Was there anyone that inspired you and helped you realize that you had a creative gift? We're wondering if creativity has become an aspect of your everyday life... as your profession, your hobby or both? As always, we're eager to hear what you think.

Share your ideas and help shape the dialogue in a meaningful way. Your contribution makes all the difference in building a stronger community. Remember, participation is caring.

11.22.11 / 11:11 PM
For the core group that started this website, creativity (as a collaboration) started 3 years ago. This whole idea of a place where we could all come together to better our world through sharing our passion for helping people and using creativity as the tool for change is an on-going pursuit of passion. We quickly realized that this was a worthwhile idea that needed to be shared, and we're happy that each of you has contributed to Design is Love.

We're excited to share more creativity with our members and visitors in the near future, big things are on the horizon our friends!
12.04.11 / 3:54 PM
Creativity has been a womb to tomb thing for me.


When I started taking creativity seriously was after college graduation. I was working on revolutionizing textbooks and realized that creativity could align with my calling to be helpful above all else. Creativity as art always seemed a bit self-indulgent to me. But, creativity put to public good feels right. I come from a family that has a history of socio-political engagement and creative drive. The two never quite came together—they operated as separate camps. Collapsing the the socio with the creative resolves a lot of our family tension. Interestingly, I think that resopution is a function of socio-focusing as well as creative-focusing.
Hey! You got peanut butter in my chocolate...
12.04.11 / 4:33 PM
First off, LOVE the peanut butter and chocolate analogy. I feel like you're on a whole other creative tip man! "Creativity put to public good"... that is awesome. I was going to talk about Brite Lite or Spin Art. I feel like I need to reevaluate the importance of creativity? I really like what you had to say and I wonder if the reason I like Creativity is because of the self-indulgence it allows. I like being able to make something and put it on the wall, or back when it was the fridge, and say that "I made that, what do you think?". I need to go make something.
12.04.11 / 7:17 PM
@ rich = i feel you on the "womb to tomb" thing. do you ever find that you need creativity for both your calling to be helpful and also as a self-indulgence?

@ townie = i think that both brite lites and spin art are great. not sure how you use creativity in your everyday life, but maybe you should "go back to your roots" and see where those 2 mediums take you? evaluating and reevaluating are important, but actually doing is the most important (i find).

i first realized that i had a talent with creativity when i was young. i had a lot of folks that pushed me to embrace it as a part of who i was. i would go to art camp's, drawing classes and both my cousin and father were talented in drawing & painting.

it took me until i was 22 to truly feel creative. perhaps it was the fact that i had folmlheartedly decided to make a career out of it. it became more than an easy a, a hobby or my label.

however, it took me until very, very recently to appreciate, respect and understand creativity. i'm only now beginning to know what to do with it.


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