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November 22, 2011

We want to know, who the heck are you?

Over the past 1.5 years we've been conversing with each other, sharing our thoughts and feelings and in that time doing some learning about what makes you tick. However, we're still pretty unfamiliar with exactly who you are. We can begin to paint a picture by reading your profile and past inwords contributions, but we'd like you to take this opportunity to share a few details on what you do, and personally what matters most in your life. We're guessing you're a lot more than status updates and shared posts. Do you want to be defined or is anonymity a refreshing opportunity for personal exploration...you have the floor!

Share your ideas and help shape the dialogue in a meaningful way. Your contribution makes all the difference in building a stronger community. Remember, participation is caring.

11.07.11 / 9:36 AM
Whew, it's been a crazy few months. We're glad to have inwords back on track and we're fully-committed to having a new discussion up for you every two weeks. Things have been absolutely crazy around here, but there's more to come on that topic.

Who are we? Design is Love is a collaborative effort made possible through the hard work of a handful of great people. A core group of designers, writers, developers and generally awesome people develops new content for the site and reaches out to key contributors to help add richness and perspective to the Design is Love movement. We're going to be pushing the site forward in new and exciting ways in the coming months, if you'd like to have a more active role in creating content and spreading the Design is Love message hit us up, we have plenty of spots to fill!

We're delighted to hear more about who you are and why you're here!
11.12.11 / 11:45 PM
who am i? honestly, i don't know... i have lots of ideas, but like anything things change. i will do my best to freestyle this and not edit, and/or revise... i am 30 years young, successful, happy, unhappy, mediocre, reader, sitcom watcher, religious, spiritual, atheistic, political, independent, drinker, health nut, husband, lonely, smart, idiotic, rich, poor and this could seriously go on forever.

i am everything. i am nothing, and all of the wonderful bullshitty magic in between.

at the end of the day i think i'm an undiscovered Shawn Carter and whn i wake up, i rarely wanna get out of bed. because i'm scared. afraid that i might succeed. i say i'm afraid to fail, but really i say that because it's cliché and i get a hug afterwards. i am one hundered percent afraid of getting what i wish for.

it's easier to complain. it's easier to be afraid. it's easy to be me. except that my soul refuses to do what my devils wish for. it's actually quite hard to be.

especially when people believe in you. love is the worst. it makes you have to be good and that, my friends, is really fucking hard.
11.13.11 / 10:26 AM
In response to the who am I question (what a loaded question):
I'll try to keep this basic to avoid ranting. I am me. A business owner, an employee, a hard worker, friend, care taker and much much more (depending on the day). I am a person who believes in the same principles as DesignIsLove and I'd like to see where it goes.

I just read an article about world population. Yes, we have hit 7 billion and we are wiping out species and resources because of it. Our world has hit a point where there needs to be some serious self-reflection going on about how we share this earth, and that means how we share it with each other too. That is who I am today. A promoter of condoms and education, minimalism, hand-me-downs, walking, friendships, sustainability and good eggnog. Ask me tomorrow and I'll have something else for you.
11.13.11 / 7:53 PM
Right now, i am a sickly coughing, feverish, achy, fatigued intern/student full of possibilities. After a power outage where school was cancelled and no work was done, I got sick and continued my "vacation" to present till who knows when.

Meanwhile the semester is almost over, and I feel i'm being left in the dust, and my internship is almost over and it feels that a priceless opportunity is slipping away.

So right now i'm feeling nervous, inspired(without energy to do anything), and excited about all the possibilities i have! I am a walking WildCard that will show a particular color/number in a few months, and if i don't like it, i'll have to change it.

I am who I created myself to be. I can definitely look back at my ACTIONS and point them out as my DOING. There is also immeasurable help from my parents which is a gift i cant repay but only pass on to others. I am excited about the self morphing power we have as people and only wonder what i'll want to be even a year from now! wooo!
I can be anything! There's just that pesky thing called "reality" getting in everyone's way. =\
11.22.11 / 11:00 PM
First and foremost I'm a "family man", and recently make some very deliberate shifts in my life to re-prioritize what should be our most important source of inspiration and happiness.

I'm also a designer who loves my job and the people I work with, a sometimes illustrator, constant overthinker, often critical, a completely giving individual.

I'm also the founder of design is love.


We'll post the topic to start the conversation. Where it goes is up to you.

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