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July 10, 2011

How do you define beauty?

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.", or so we're told. Culturally we're taught that "beauty" is subjective and based solely on personal preference…but can some things be universally defined as beautiful? Recently, have you observed something (or someone) that was utterly breathtaking? What is it that makes experiencing beauty memorable, unique and significant? Can we learn to be more conscious of beautiful things? In doing so, will you find more beauty? What value can we place on beauty? Whew, lots of questions!

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06.27.11 / 2:49 PM
Beauty surrounds us. It is this knowledge and understanding that was instrumental in us forming this community. We needed a place to aggregate as much beauty as possible! We find that beauty is incredibly inspiring and often leads to increased awareness and deeper connections. Those qualities make beauty valuable (to us) because it pushes us to create. As time progresses we've found that we notice the beauty of things and people more and more. It is good to practice observing and even searching for beauty because it forces you to take a step back, reflect, smile and love. And that is something we strongly believe we should all do more often.
06.27.11 / 4:14 PM
as opposed to "universally beautiful"
i think things are "culturally" or "tribally" beautiful.

i.e - from nose rings to toe rings.......


"memorable, significant and unique" -- that a good definition of beauty itself


i remember a decor blog contest recently --- they asked each of the viewers to pick just one photograph to define their design style -------


i wonder what this community would pick for one image to define their taste of beautiful


here is one image of beauty to me: (mirror lake canoe)
06.28.11 / 8:59 AM
@ artyowza... i like this exercise of selecting one image that best defines their perception of beautiful. at first i didn't think i could do it. i have a very difficult time selecting paradigms.

however. i sat and thought about it and naturally did some googling to spark my brain and it jogged something very memorable for me... which was going to the Accademia Gallery in Florence and i was pleasantly surprised by what i saw. yes it was cool to see the "David", however what was absolutely breathtaking (for me) were Michelangelo's unfinished sculptures: http://tinyurl.com/42dnba2

i thought it was so beautiful to see how he chipped his creations away and birthed intense beauty of form from virtually nothing. what i also loved about them is how the forms are breaking out or maybe braking in. whichever way they are going and no matter how "static" they are, they are absolutely kinetic and full of life. to this day, when i think of all of the art i got to stand before, i think of those sculptures first. when i think of creation, i think of those sculptures first. to me, they are unmistakably beautiful.
06.29.11 / 2:20 PM
For me, beauty is about connection. I feel it and then I really see it. That requires stopping long enough to make a connection. I'm always surprised at how alive and beautiful the world around me becomes when I really stop and look. My mind is typically racing with one thing or another, and when I still my mind for just a few moments, I'm bound to see something beautiful. It could have been right in front of me, but gone unnoticed amid the commotion.

Beauty is that moment when I give my full attention to and really see my daughter. It's walking in silence and taking in my surroundings. It's breathing, listening. And then there are those rare moments when beauty is so profound that it breaks through the noise and makes me stop.

I feel it, and then I really see it. I connect and find beauty.
06.29.11 / 7:34 PM
A moment that stands out from the mundane, even if the moment itself is normally mundane. That or holding a baby. That's pretty cool too.
06.30.11 / 10:51 PM
the sky. how green plants can be. how saturated certain colors are in nature. how subdued certain colors are in nature. women. men. children. babies. dogs. bunnies. my garden. all of the gardens. the plants that died in my garden. compost. the ground. my bed. lavender. a bare bulb. designer lamps. a chunk of untreated wood. bamboo. anything played on a marimba. the shape of a saxophone. the eyes of a person asking for help. the embrace of a person reaching out. the breeze. thunderstorms. moss beds. a cliff. mortality. today.

I was going to write about stopping and taking in the beauty that surrounds us and then I read @melissa_colab's post, which said exactly that in a much more eloquent way. Nicely done, exactly my thoughts.

Even the worst of images can be beautiful. Because for me beauty is not about the appearance of something but about the connection that I make with it. The fact that we have the ability to connect to things, to make up stories or go back to experiences by simple triggers that surround us. That is beautiful. The real and the unreal, and the place where they intersect. Ah. This is fun.


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