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May 15, 2011

Who is your favorite artist?

As the temperatures rise many of us are getting out more, giving everyone additional opportunities to reconnect with artistic inspiration. As you visit music venues, art galleries and local businesses have you rekindled a love for a certain artist? What about them or their work inspires you to identify the artist as your favorite? Knowing "artist" is often a moniker that is subject to interpretation, how do you define art? Does this redefinition open up new possibilities for your pick?

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05.01.11 / 9:35 PM
For us at Design is Love, an individual's passion to express themselves defines "art". We can just as easily be inspired by the beauty of Victor Hugo's words, the intricate detail and adaptability of Chuck Close's paintings or in the incredible tastes of our friend Linda's masterful cooking. Art is defined as "the application of human skill and imagination... producing works to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power". We believe art can be found anywhere if you simply look for it. We can't wait to learn more about your take on art and who, for you, is does it better than any other artist.
05.03.11 / 12:20 PM
I would have to say Rembrandt is my favorite artist. The ability he conjures to create something so life like yet so far from life. For example the piece titled "Christ and The Woman Taken in Adultery" (http://www.abcgallery.com/R/rembrandt/rembrandt173.JPG). In this painting the colors nearly eject themselves from the canvas, they are in complete contrast from the dark ground, ultimately his ability to create detail without finite strokes is amazing.

Also Ed Little, he is an amazing photo realistic painter but his work with pastels (monochromatic) is amazing too. For example http://edlittleart.com/NEWoldman.html
05.09.11 / 11:20 PM
I deeply love dots and reflection
Yayoi Kusama

which sometimes looks like clouds moving over the big sky
James Turrell

and shadows and projections on people's faces
Wendy Ewald
05.09.11 / 11:23 PM

Did you see this great Chuck Close interview on Charlie Rose..... it chock full of good stuff.
I'm also a huge fan of Oliver Sachs and he's at the table also (as well as Richard Serra)

05.09.11 / 11:29 PM
I sometimes can't understand or appreciate beauty or emotional power until after I've photographed it. It's my way of organizing it or making it quiet enough to get my attention.

05.09.11 / 11:34 PM
Thanks for the Rembrandt links. So large, clear and bright!
05.09.11 / 11:38 PM
I'm also fascinated with collaborative group projects.....

Learning to Love You More


The Potatoeaters
05.12.11 / 10:15 AM
You bet, it's an awesome image isn't it?
05.12.11 / 10:54 PM
I'll put it to you all like this:

My favorite painter: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
The first time I saw the paintings "Conversion on the Way to Damascus" and "Crucifixion of Saint Peter" I was in Art History class and I was captivated by the darkness of his compositions and consequently learned a neat word: Chiaroscuro. I was fortunate enough to travel to Italy and visit Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome and experience his paintings first hand, including the paintings I mentioned above. Friggin' radical.

My favorite poet: Langston Hughes (with Li Po taking an extremely close second)
In high school, I told my friend that I was beginning to really like poetry and he handed me LH's collected works. I never gave the book back and haven't regretted it one bit. My favorite poem is "Lament over Love". The man knew how to feel.

My favorite singer: Jeffrey Foucault
He cheats a little bit, because he can write as amazingly as he sings. I like being sad, drinking whiskey, thinking about railroads and being in love. He writes and sings about the things I like. This weather encourages me to drive with the windows down and let other hear what I'm listening to. check it: http://www.jeffreyfoucault.com/media.html

My favorite expressionist: Saul Williams
He inspires me to get deeper. Down the well. To the source.

05.15.11 / 1:14 PM
Thanks for giving me the reason to reread some Langston Hughes.

You might like the poems of David Clewell....... (on whiskey, railroads and falling in love)

haha........ whiskey itself is a well known artist


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