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May 1, 2011

Are you coming out of hibernation?

Winter is finally over and our landscape is coming back to life...phew! We're wondering what you do to take advantage of this natural muse and awaken your creativity? Do you find yourself compelled to be outdoors more, appreciating Mother Nature's return? With the changing weather are you able to exercise your body and your creative mind more and does that increased activity awaken your inspiration? How do you shake Winter's slumber and and start growing your engagement?

Share your ideas and help shape the dialogue in a meaningful way. Your contribution makes all the difference in building a stronger community. Remember, participation is caring.

04.17.11 / 10:39 PM
Though Spring may not be our favorite season (check the archive!) we can't deny its unmistakable inspiration. After such a grueling New England winter, it seems like the budding trees and growing grass bring a powerfully positive energy. We've recently been able to spend more time outside, getting our yards and gardens prepared for the warmer months. Getting outside allows us to quite literally spring into inspiring thought and execution. We at Design is Love are ecstatic to see the sun out more and people spending more time together. We're looking forward to reading about how you come out of hibernation.
04.18.11 / 9:14 AM
I can't believe I said Winter was my favorite season. I guess that it would be if I didn't have to do anything. Owning a home on a corner lot and having to do all that shoveling really puts things into perspective.

I have decided to follow some new paths recently and having the weather begin to cheer up is helping compliment the positive energy of these changes.

My creativity does seem to be awakened due to the renewing energy of activation. Being more physically active distracts me from my thoughts as well as provides another outlet of energy and emotions that I can't expect creative expression to do on its own. Simply put, the activities of Spring allow the balance I constantly crave.

Even just going outside or a quick drive with the windows down, blasting folk on the stereo is enough of a break to have fresh eyes and fresh perspectives.

I really look forward to this discussion.

04.19.11 / 12:12 AM
I have no relationship to seasons or climate.
> corner lots and winter don't mix (yo comprende, Grabell)
> tree allergies and spring don't mix
> heat allergies and summer don't mix
> ragweed allergies and fall: big no-no.

I really want to be positive here: but I'm seasonally distraught.

Caveats to the caveats:
> Winter: caroling rocks even in the cold. Blanket cuddling is awesome. HAnging out in boxers when it's blizzarding out is pure sublime decadence.
> Spring: bedroom in the 3rd floor right under the roof... the sound of rain is like heaven.
> Summer: the kids are around more... and generally happy. Karen's birthday. How happy she gets when she's near the water. Deadheading as active meditation.
> Fall: Oh heck... I wanted to come up with something good about Fall, but am drawing a blank.
04.19.11 / 1:04 PM
I typically mourn the disappearance of the cold snap of winter air but this year...not the case. Last year we started a pretty extensive vegetable garden and boy am I ready to get my hands dirty again. Spring and summer have become a much anticipated time of outdoor activity. We visit the community garden, spend time with family on back decks next to BBQs and happily hang in the aquatic comforts of a pool...notice there was no mention of spending more time in the studio in front of the computer?

Spring forces my hand and makes me re-prioritize my commitments. I can no longer use the excuse of bitter cold and sloppy, snow-filled roads as reason for my solitude and drive to work more. It's pretty hard to say "no" to an active toddler who is exploring her outdoor environment for the first time as a capable surveyor of the landscape. I'm excited for the opportunity to chase creative inspiration with her, and have made a personal pledge to engage with this new, green environment with the same enthusiasm that she does.
04.24.11 / 7:30 PM
I mix in the silly pink polka dots for Spring..... I go looking to find new blossoms.

Spring Forth Monsters

Invisible Frogs

Easter Hunt

Pink Blossom Bomb

Jelly Bean Tree
04.24.11 / 7:40 PM
I also got a big spring inspiration to

1. collaborate with my neighbors and build better fences
2. make a new gate into my garden
3. paint every room in the house with different colored ceilings (like jewel boxes) (strawberry, coffee, sky blue, butter)
4. get four new rugs Persian type rugs and put padding underneath
5. paint my desk silver to go in in my new lime green office with pink carpet
6. remix all my furniture
7. design new paths and sprinkler systems

All the changes are helping me play bigger.
04.24.11 / 8:54 PM
@bcgrabell------ I go for quick bike rides to smell the flowers. Jasmine and Wisteria are blooming in Northern California. What's your driving soundtrack or your the spring movie of your life?

@tmonroe----- a photo series from the visual vantage point of a toddler would be interesting . If only your child could wear a little cam!

@richh_colab--- love your best of season list. all of them seem like visual poetry!
04.27.11 / 10:01 PM
@artyowza = excellent question. as of yet i do not have a "spring" themed mix cd or for any other season really. you have provided me with a new project! thank you.

if i could pick a song, at this very instant, that "meant" spring to me it would have to be "maggot brain" by funkadelic. i love that song and have never applied it to a moment or anything, but i think it is one of the most passionate and beautifully inspiring songs i know of. driving and seeing the beauty of nature spring back into action, i can't help but feel creative. i feel the same way when i listen to that song. (i'm listening to it again)

here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXq4GlHgROQ

as far as movies go... i'm going with "army of darkness". nothing to do with spring honestly, but a guy and i were talking about it the other day and i now have a craving for some bruce campbell.

@ everyone = movies, music, etc... is there any type of creative accompaniment to this season for you?
04.30.11 / 11:39 PM
oh spring... the joy you bring to my heart!

This winter was long and harsh... the nicer weather has an immediate positive effect on my attitude towards the world. I long for sunny afternoons, sitting on the grass reading. This year we have a garden for the first time, so we're really excited to take care of it and see it grow through the summer.

Spring is hope and growth and optimism. It feels like a rebirth.... driving around with the windows down, listening to albums from start to finish, sitting outside, grilling season begins... so many things to look forward to.

A song: Sugar on my tongue by the Talking Heads.
An album: Rally Day by Driftwood - just discovered this band and I'm obsessed with this album http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/driftwoodsounds/from/viglink
you can listen to some of their stuff here: http://www.myspace.com/driftwoodgroove

Happy Spring DIL community!


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