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April 3, 2011

How do you get engaged?

As creative individuals, there's no shortage of ways that we can find engagement. There's numerous job-related, social, economical, environmental, personal and/or artistic options for us to exercise our creative muscle but when it comes down to doing "the thing" what drives the decision to get involved? Do you optimistically make a leap of faith and "jump in" or do you cautiously wade into the waters of engagement, waiting to acclimate yourself to the established environment? As it relates to Design is Love, do you prefer to be intimately involved in the building of a creative community or are you more comfortable participating more remotely?

Share your ideas and help shape the dialogue in a meaningful way. Your contribution makes all the difference in building a stronger community. Remember, participation is caring.

03.21.11 / 8:46 AM
All of us here at Design is Love believe deeply in being engaged with various communities and organizations. For us, collaboration is one of the best methods of finding inspiration and that search allows us to engage with new people and learn about new ideas, all the while growing creatively and spiritually. By being engaged with others through collaboration, we find that our work always becomes richer in content and sharper in execution. Engagement was the primary motivator in starting this community. Positive energy in, positive out.

We look forward to reading your responses and engaging with you, as always, in this thoughtful dialogue.
03.28.11 / 10:31 AM
For me, being engaged is critical regardless of the arena in which you engage in. I think people should get involved, use their voice and most importantly use their ears. Getting involved is an opportunity to be taught as much as it is an opportunity to teach. When you are the one teaching, you have a great opportunity to learn and vice versa. I have yet to get engaged with something and come out of the experience unchanged and I believe change is good, as difficult as it may be at times.

Along with everything I just stated about the importance of being engaged, I have also learned the importance of disengaging. It is incredibly important to maintain balance in your life. I have seen and experienced first-hand the detriment of being too engaged in any one thing. For me, the detriment of imbalance comes in the ignoring of the home I leave to go and be engaged. As I write this, my dog came to my feet with a ball in his mouth and a look in his eye and I knew that he very much needed my engagement.

( I threw the ball )

The trick for me in being engaged is maintaining the discipline of balance. I believe and need to be engaged with communities as well as my family and all the while, and maybe most importantly, being engaged with my self.

Being engaged in this DIL community allowed me to digest this notion and come to the above realization and that is case and point why I believe so much in being engaged.
04.03.11 / 9:05 PM
My theme for this year is metamotivation.

My interests are design thinking, collaboration and fun.
I get involved with projects that help me develop personally and where my strengths will be valued.

You can’t know until you try it out…… so I “jump in” to test the waters. I risk it for the reward of meeting new friends, attracting new opportunities and figuring out next steps.

I love to build creative community. I’m a children’s art teacher and a small business owner and I’d love to collaborate with more designers this year.
04.03.11 / 9:10 PM

Did you see Austin Kleon's "How to Steal like an Artist"?

I like his #10--- Creativity is Subtraction

"In this age of information overload and abundance, those who get ahead will be the folks who figure out what to leave out, so they can concentrate on what’s important to them.

Devoting yourself to something means shutting out other things.

What makes you interesting isn’t just what you’ve experienced, but also what you haven’t experienced.

The same is true when you make art: you must embrace your limitations and keep moving.

Creativity isn’t just the things we chose to put in, it’s also the things we chose to leave out. "
04.03.11 / 9:11 PM

Thanks for the engagement. Thanks for throwing the ball. Throwing the pitch.
04.03.11 / 10:21 PM
@artyowza > thanks for the link and the awesome quote (i'm a sucker for good quote).

i will definitely be checking out metamotivation.


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