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February 20, 2011

What does love mean to you?

For this inwords discussion, we're hitting you where it counts: in the heart. We want to know how you identify the idea and feeling behind "love" and the importance it has in your life. Has love driven your decision-making, led you to find your truest passions or is it an elusive emotion that leaves you in a perpetual search for more? Is love definable? How does love define you? Open up your heart and let everyone know what's on the inside.

Share your ideas and help shape the dialogue in a meaningful way. Your contribution makes all the difference in building a stronger Design is Love community. Remember, participation
is caring.

02.06.11 / 10:34 PM
With Valentine's Day fast approaching we figured there's no better time for this conversation. For close to a year now, we've been engaged in these heartfelt conversations and we are consistently delighted with all that you're willing to share. Naming this movement "Design is Love" didn't happen by chance. For us, "to love" bestows the greatest honor and commitment possible. We believe that love is something to be explored, cultivated and shared – together. Loving what we do and sharing it with each of you is the driving force behind a steady growth of the Design is Love community. Quite simply, love is the energy that powers us, that defines us. We can't wait to read about how you define love and how it affects your life.

Never forget: "All you need is love."
02.10.11 / 5:11 AM
I will be back to write my full response. For now, I'd like to say that love is something that i unfortunately don't pay attention to enough. When I pay it its full attention, I feel better and clearer and I am then naturally inclined to get deeper, to get closer to the source.
02.12.11 / 1:38 PM
i love san francisco. can i still post that? loving san francisco means...having random quintessential moments.
like stepping out of the MUNI station at the Castro in the pouring rain and there is a man in a yellow rain slicker complete with hat, loudly proclaiming repeatedly, "Ricola!"
I love that the neighborhoods are so ecclectic, so unique from each other, and yet all part of the city, you can walk from one street to another and it's like another universe, so we all get along better, there isn't any type of person, food, experience you can't have on a regular basis if you want, or an irregular basis by default.
that everyone dearly loves our city, we chose to live here, for the most part, and the natives have like a "wow" kind of glow to them, like how lucky to have been born and stayed in this fantasy land...this escape from smalltown malls and BK...there is ONE mall in SF, and it is right on the edge of the city before you are in daly city...not a single fast food joint in our neighborhood...we're in the c ity without any d oubt but we live 5 blocks from Golden Gate Park, go there to walk around the lakes and stroll through the trees...and a 10 minute WALK to the beach. it never snows and never swelters.
So very much to love...so hard to express. Instead the family and I are off to express our love :)
02.20.11 / 7:25 PM
@donnaradams: I love Golden Era (and the rest of SF almost as well).

Love is liberation.
Love is generosity.
Love is—willing, eager, absolute—submission.
Love is my constant... the control against which I measure everything.

Where is love?
Does it fall from skies above?
Is it underneath the willow tree
That I've been dream of?
Where is she?
Whom I close my eyes to see?
Will I ever know the sweet "hello"
That's only meant for me?
Who can say where she may hide?
Must I travel far and wide?
'Til I am bedside the someone who
I can mean somethin to ...
Where is love?

Home is where the heart is
And my heart is anywhere you are
And anywhere you are is home,
home, home, home, home.

Love is blindness—I don't want to see—won't you wrap the night around me. Oh my love... blindness.
(love is still love even when taken out of context).
02.20.11 / 7:30 PM
I was about to right that love is dedication... but then I realized that dedication is just the byproduct.

I read a quote the other day:
Science can not prove or disprove the existence of God any more than it can prove or disprove the existence of love.

Love is the given.
02.20.11 / 9:24 PM
Love : the way my heart skips a beat when my soul mate smiles. Love : represented by a hokey pokey dancing baby, squealing with joy filled lungs as she haphazardly spins in circles. Love : the way my cancer-ridden Boxer continues to look into my eyes, full of admiration and loyalty even as he unknowingly suffers. Love : the deep connection that I feel to all things that matter most to me. Love : a place to comfortably share my inner-most thoughts with a community of sincere people.

"My love for you is deep and true."


We'll post the topic to start the conversation. Where it goes is up to you.

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