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December 12, 2010

What are you thankful for?

The holiday of Thanksgiving serves as a thoughtful reminder: be a bit more self-reflective. We're moving into a season of celebratory office gatherings, cheerful movies and traditional holiday cheer. But what are you really thankful for? For this inwords topic we'd like to you to consider and share what you're thankful for. Are there particular aspects of your life that you appreciate more than the others? Do you find that you are more thankful during this time of the year?

Share your thoughts and help shape the dialogue in a meaningful way. Your contribution makes all the difference in building a stronger Design is Love community. Remember, Participation is caring.

11.28.10 / 10:30 PM
Here at Design is Love, we're thankful for many things, including: the team of people who regularly contribute to build our community, the support that we get from our loved ones as we put in the hard work needed to make Design is Love hum along, our strong and constantly growing community and their willingness to share insightful dialogue in inwords, and lastly the creative contributions to and funding support for the Design Fund.

We consider ourselves to be a part of an amazing community and we're very thankful to share the upcoming holiday season with all of you.
11.29.10 / 12:47 PM
i am thankful for my wife, my family and my friends.

i am thankful for the love that is abundant in my life. i am thankful for the talents i was blessed with. i am thankful for the beach and its infinite wisdom. i am thankful for poets and how they beautifully unravel themselves. i am thankful for music and how it makes my spirit hum.

i am thankful for the experiences in my life. even the difficult ones. i am trying to embrace those more and i am thankful for that.

i am thankful for this life.

thank you,
12.05.10 / 12:34 PM
I am thankful for my family and friends who are always there. For creativity and design. For a sense of community where I work and live. For the rain and the snow. For being able to see the beauty in life, even in the small things.

Also, check out this site, its about what people Appreciate, sorta like being thankful.
12.06.10 / 2:20 PM
a smart, beautiful and supportive wife : an amazing, healthy daughter : caring parents : a large family : good friends : a simple life : a job that leaves me satisfied : an inspiring creative community : music that makes me bop my head and compels me to sing along : well-written books : a warm house : a live christmas tree that's straight : vivid memories : all forms of creativity : design is love
12.12.10 / 11:41 AM
Peace. Activity. Solitude. Fullness. Karma. Luck. My friend Courtney died years ago-- he was probably in his 70s or 80s. Every time I asked him how he was doing, he'd say he's grateful he could sit up and take nourishment. Laughter. The generosity and grace of others even through the most difficult of times. Really really good examples. I'm thankful that whether strong or frail or any degree in between, we are blessed with the opportunity to be humble while at the same time to use our bountiful talents to magnify something sacred.


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