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November 28, 2010

How do you define "creative"?

We believe that everyone is creative, no matter what you claim as your chosen "profession". We've also noticed that our membership is a wildly eclectic bunch, made up of artists, designers, photographers, leaders of not-for-profit organizations, teachers and a few working in health-related fields...and that's only a sampling. What's the commonality that brings us together? We believe it's a willingness to share creative thoughts / ideas / work. So here's the question: how do you define "creative"? How do you use your creativity in your professional & personal life?

Share your thoughts and help shape the dialogue in a meaningful way. Your contribution makes all the difference in building a stronger Design is Love community. Remember, Participation is caring.

11.15.10 / 8:34 AM
We find great inspiration in considering the idea of "creative". Creativity is the basis for Design is Love and helps sustain the growth of our community. Building the DIL movement has allowed us to find a new type of "creativity". Over the years (as working professionals) we've become pretty comfortable talking about graphic design and brand strategy but while developing this site there's been a need to find new ways to connect with a larger audience, challenges to keep the site fresh so people will come back time and time again, and necessary self-reflection that explores the personal thoughts we so often gently constrain within our souls.

This new type of "creativity" has given us energy. We're both inspired by the growth of Design is Love and extremely appreciative of your willingness to share your "creative" thoughts and talents with the community. We look forward to reading how you define "creative".
11.22.10 / 12:48 PM
"Creative" is approaching an agenda, problem, solution in a way that is different than what is the default. Using a fork, while perhaps a less than effective method, to eat your soup is considered a "creative" way of eating your soup.

Being "creative" means that not everyone is going to embrace it. Some will applaud, some will appreciate the attempt, and others will, unfortunately, hate it or distain it for simply doing it in a different manner than most would assume.

"Creatives" are people that generally approach certain things in this manner and love and embrace the imagination.

The challenge than lies for Creatives like us (professional graphic designers) is to approach a project for our clients that is creative but also is a solution that functions and attains the goals of that project. Just being different or "off-the-wall" may or may not be the best solution for the client.

To sum it up: Creativity is breaking the rules of design. What makes a graphic designer great is knowing when and how to break the rules.
11.23.10 / 12:14 AM
On one hand: Creativity is a thing you notice after you've done what is right for a project or an idea. The more you seek truth, the more you abandon convention for authenticity the more creative you inevitably become—whether you mean it or not. There are a number of ideas around this that far smarter folks than I have said: Don't try to be original (creative?), just try to be good.
If +you look at a movie and are conscious of the directing (substitute creativity), it's probably a poor story. Good direction is what you notice after the fact once you start assessing why something moved you so much. I think the same thing is true for good design.

On the other hand: good design is iconoclastic by nature because, fundamentally, if you keep doing the same thing, you're bound to keep getting the same results.

Balancing the physics of statics (the first hand) and dynamics (the second hand) is, to me, creativity. Or, as my relativity physicist hero might have put it: creativity means making things as simple as possible, but not simpler.
11.24.10 / 3:21 PM
I find that sometimes I put a lot of weight on the word "creative." It is easier for me to define it, remove the buzzwordiness from it and think again. What we're really talking about is looking at things from different perspectives, going off the trail in our wanderings, it seems. I might be overcomplicating this, as I tend to do.
Here's another random thought relating to creativity: I actually think that in some instances it has negative connotations. I have, in the past, been patronized because of "artistic tendencies." Silly, I know, but it has happened!

Also related, I just read Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind and it convinced me that people who can think creatively will rule the world. I highly recommend it, such a quick inspiring read.

happy thanksgiving everyone! :)
11.28.10 / 7:17 PM
being creative is my inclination. i can't help but tilt my head in one direction, and then the other (much like a dog) as i try and really see what it is i'm looking at or more aptly, imagine what i'd rather it be. makes me really tilt my head and wonder about dogs.

there are so many things i can end up typing right now, but like @constanz_a... i also have an inclination to make things overcomplicated. insightfully enough, i know that overcomplicating things is typically a stop on the way to simple. kinda like that saying about going too far to know how far is too far. or like @richh_colab's einstein quote.

being creative has led me to my profession of design. but so has the need to attain a steady income. being able to draw is a skill that i was born with, but i'm pretty sure my buddy who is a baker is just as skilled with his pastry filling tools. and also just as artistic. my point is this:

for me, being creative is the same thing as the tide coming in. sometimes it's going to be high. sometimes it's going to be low. and that in-between transition is where i live. from high to low and back again. yet regardless of the time of day or what level i may be at... i am creative and i am built for imagination. i can't change this. i shouldn't change this. i won't every try to.



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