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November 14, 2010

What is your favorite season?

Many of us pick the places we live or visit based on the climate and the seasons. Seasons are the one environmental constant we can't control, and often we're left to the mercy of Mother Nature as the cyclical pattern of warm to hot, hot to cool, cool to cold, cold to warm continues on from year to year. With another crisp New England fall upon us, we want to know what your favorite season is. What time of the year gets you invigorated and makes you wonder, "How can everyone not like this season?" Do you find that you're are more creative & inspired during one time of the year?

Share your thoughts and help shape the dialogue in a meaningful way. Your contribution makes all the difference in building a stronger Design is Love community. Participation is caring.

10.31.10 / 10:51 PM
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall... man, this is difficult. Having a diverse team of creatives at Design is Love is great for so many reasons. Having multiple perspectives often leads to super interesting conversations. When it comes to seasons, there's no real consensus. Some of us would definitely pick Fall. The changing colors of the leaves, throwing on your favorite hoodie and enjoying some hot chocolate.

However, summer is also the favorite season for a few of us. Warm air, hanging at picnics and rocking some awesome Design is Love T-Shirts (hint, hint). There's something we like about each of the seasons.

We can't wait to read your responses. We'll probably end up switching up our response and making Spring our favorite. Then again, we could give Old Man Winter a chance.
11.01.10 / 4:28 PM
summer, summer, summer !
and a lil bit of winter for the beautiful clothes :)
11.02.10 / 10:48 PM
I'm going to get specific and claim the late fall to early winter as my favorite "season". As my friends and family (and anyone who was at AIGA CT's summer retreat a year ago) will tell you, I despise being hot. It's more than a dislike. I'm miserable when I can't cool down. Early fall, there's still a chance of an Indian Summer day that sends me racing for the cool comforts of a climate-controlled environment.

Late fall is amazing in New England. The crisp air that meets your face in the morning...the crunch of fallen leaves that look as if they were hand-painted by a divine being...throwing on a hooded sweatshirt...I couldn't live in someplace without fall.

Then there's the first snowfall, which for me has always represented Mother Nature's whitewashed canvas. Growing season is long gone, the trees have been stripped bare and all that's left is hard ground to cover with the most beautifully pure white substance on this earth. I find it quite cleansing.

To answer the last presented question: I do find myself being more inspired in this period of seasonal change? Absolutely. This clearly delineated transition from fall to winter marks a change in my focus. Winter means less commitment to social obligations as people move inwards and it's a great excuse to concentrate on developing a more inspired "me".
11.06.10 / 11:14 AM
the problem with the seasons (all of them) is proportions. I love them all, would never want to live somewhere where it's warm or cold all the time. I would just love for the Fall and Spring to be a little longer and for the Summer and Winter to be shorter.

I'm thinking month and a half of Winter, 2 months of Summer, and the rest divided into Spring and Fall.
11.06.10 / 4:37 PM
I've always enjoyed either Summer and Winter! Even as a kid though, I was always counting the days until one season while we were in the other. It's not that I don't like Spring and Fall, I do... really. I just don't enjoy the allergies that always seem to come with them.
11.06.10 / 5:15 PM
I love when spring begins just after a long cold winter. the first few days of sunlight and warmth and the rejuvenation that brings.
11.06.10 / 5:21 PM
Totally FALL!

I like fall/spring because they are in-betweens. They signal change, excitement and wonder for what is to come. Also they are short seasons, which makes them harder to tire from and they provide relief from a period of sameness.

While summer and winter are both fun, after a few months it is exciting to see the beginnings of something new. Fall gets my vote (just barely) because of scarves, colored leaves and the excitement of holidays to come!

Plus why not love your current moment? Excitement is in the air right now!
11.06.10 / 6:29 PM
Easily Summer!

Bright rays of sun, heat, beer, sunglasses, bike rides… pretty much amazing.
11.08.10 / 4:18 PM
i love them all! especially when one starts to change to the next. i love long hot days in summer, staying on the beach until it's dark. i love that first crispness in the air that signals fall, and the crunch of all the beautiful colored leaves. i even love when it gets dark early and you can go home and put your pjs on at seven o'clock and not feel guilty getting snuggled up on the couch. then comes Christmas and snow and late night, quiet walks when the snow is falling and everything seems softer and quieter and peaceful. oh yeah, and working in a school, I LOVE SNOW DAYS. don't care that i have to make 'em up in the spring- i can throw on a dress and flip-flops and go into work in June (you still get hours of daylight when you're through). love a good snow day curled up with a book and cooking something yummy. then just when you can't take it anymore, there's that first warm day and i remember what it's like to walk outside with no coat, no scarf, no gloves. and things start to get that bright green-yellow color and everything seems easier and freer. then it's summer....ahh summer, it may be slightly better than all the rest. no work, no shoes, no worries....
11.08.10 / 5:00 PM
I love the first few weeks of Fall—up until the wind, snow and oppressive cold arrive. After 28 years of living in New England I am finally realizing that our weather is pretty absurd.
11.09.10 / 9:38 AM
It is so hard to choose, I love living where I do because the seasons are so different. For me, it is right when spring begins and it starts to get warm outside. It just feels right.
11.14.10 / 5:46 PM

I love aspects of all of the seasons, but I love being cozy in the cold above all. I would rather rock a sweater than just a t-shirt any day (you always got to have a t on under the sweater right?)

Winter brings the best in life. Comfort food. Extra covers. The allowance of weight gain. Fires, hot chocolate, other warm drinks (whiskey), thick socks and the need to respect what nature can do and how it forces you to get cozy with loved ones.

This time of year is better for my creativity due to the fact that I get to literally chill out and not fret about humidity, sweating and being uncomfortable. Winter IS the comfort season. Colors are better, food is better and if you really are a beach person... you know that the beach on a cold winter night is better than any crowded and HOT summer day.

Truthfully, I hate having to commute in the Winter months, but that isn't Winter's problem, that's mine.
11.14.10 / 7:08 PM
I've wanted my participation in Design is Love to be 100% positive as a reminder that it is possible to achieve this attitude with some practice. I am now reporting my failing specifically around this topic. I can't recall when I've walked outside and said, "Wow! what a beautiful day... look at those clouds... and that rock (tree, shell, leaf, cliff, lake, pond, waterfall) takes my breath away". Perhaps if I had to pick one it would be Spring because then I can tend to the garden, fix the abode from the havocs of winter. It's all practicality for me. One of my sons would only eat as a matter of practical survival-- not out of enjoyment, but as a necessity of this human body. I can relate to that and I can apply that principle to the seasons.
Seasons = weather to me. I used to like winter for cross country running because it was easier to regulate my body temperature. I suffer from severe seasonal allergies—9 months of the year are taxing because of it. The balance of the year is cold and no flowers grow in the yard (by the way... I don't notice flowers growing in the wild, but give me a well designed garden... something touched deliberately by man... and I'm a happy camper).

I remember standing on a dock in San Diego and having absolutely no sense of climate— it felt like the city invested everything it had in pumping A/C everywhere like other cities try to do with wifi. It was January... there were blizzards here in the NorthEast. In CT the season was winter. I apologized when I spoke to my wife on the phone. There was no season in San Diego. There was just a weather condition devoid of nostalgia and directed to comfort.

Snow removal, leaf removal, flood worries, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes. Seasons.

I'm from Haiti. The Pearl of the Antilles. Tourists love the beaches, the hot temperatures, the immediate sunsets. But read the papers. Neither nature nor weather nor seasons have been a friend to my people.


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