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September 19, 2010

You get one change. What would it be?

Everyday we encounter a ton of stuff. Most of it we pass by without deep consideration and move on. Are there times where you take a few extra seconds (or longer) to contemplate how you could make something "better"? From the type selection on highway signs to the layout of a restaurant you frequent to water distribution methods, we're guessing there's a change you would make. Would your change improve just your experience or would it better circumstances for the public at large?

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09.06.10 / 2:46 AM
A friend of ours often complains that socks were designed incorrectly and adamantly states that the seam should be on the outside. Though eccentric, his criticism sheds light on the fact that even the common sock doesn't have the appropriate form to please everyone.

As for us, we're fine with socks. Here at Design Is Love, we'd love to change the structure of mass communication. Yeah, the internet makes people more accessible but at times we wish we could send one email and it would reach everyone that's interested in the Design is Love movement…all at once. Until that magic "send to al possible people in the universe" button appears we hope you'll continue to spread the word about our growing community, so we can all share in building something great together.
09.06.10 / 8:51 PM
The seam isn't on the outside?

If I were the King of the Forest, businesses would be mandated by law to do 10% pro bono work... every single person in the company... on company time (no hiring freelancers to do it while your folks keep churning out widgets). I think the world would be better for it.
09.06.10 / 8:52 PM
Oh! And all Adobe products would share common commands, palettes, etc.
09.06.10 / 8:54 PM
Restaurants that have the best veggie burgers on the planet would never ever have a visible and labeled meat grinding room with Lysoled white tiles and a single bulb angling from the ceiling.
09.06.10 / 8:56 PM
You could specify (and view wysiwyg) opaque or transparent black.
( oh man... I could do this all day ).
09.06.10 / 9:01 PM
Worcester road signs (in certain areas) are a reddish maroon background with orange type. Pretty for a brochure, completely illegible after 5:30 PM. I would change those.
09.07.10 / 10:37 PM
This topic made my mind reel, and instantly I felt like a complainer, so forgive my ranting.

First, the highway to work...surely this commute could improve: the mode of transportation, the pace, the ability to put my car into "auto" so I can check email on the way to work. Heck a people-mover to Hartford would be more effective than driving on 91North.

Other things that could use an overhaul:

- wireless data transfer...could it be faster?
- affordable domestic lighting (lack of quality/availability);
- batch tasking with chores: can I feed all the pets at once, or mechanize this?
- why aren't there more classes that will teach me to make my own clothes?
- why do I pay so much for my cell phone service when more pp own cellular service vs. home phone?
- foreign language skill downloads, aka Matrix-style.
09.09.10 / 1:04 PM
As an individual and as an educator, I find myself taking a few extra seconds of thought on every little thing, EVERYDAY! My mind is constantly thinking about what I can do to make something better. What is the next step in creating change?

Working with inner city students is a definitely a start. I work at an environmental school where students work together to create a safer environment. However, it is not just the environment that needs fixing. These students come from pretty bad areas where getting a proper education is not in their culture. One of my goals is to get these students the education they deserve and hopefully promote them to get a college degree. If I can just make a difference in one life, than I know I have made a change in this world. One person may not be able to change the whole world at once, but if we start somewhere small, that change can only progress.
09.15.10 / 12:38 PM
@ rich > "And all Adobe products would share common commands, palettes, etc..." couldn't agree more. that is something that really chaps my @.
09.15.10 / 2:54 PM
if i could change one thing i think i would make creativity, art, music, and design a main component of our education system.

check out these videos from sir ken robinson:

he has presented this concept at the TED conference in two talks – he tells a story about a research study that asked a room full of kindergartners who was an artist and they all raised their hands and asked the same question to a 12 grade classroom and maybe one person raised their hand, that's crazy!

09.15.10 / 6:37 PM
@ ethanbodnar : your wish will start happening soon. I used to work with educational publishing clients and, frankly, pedagogy is usually 10 years behind the main stream and political adoption is further behind that. We are in the midst of a creative revolution akin to the industrial and technological revolution of past generations. Expect to see municipalities adapting to that in the next decade. Now... if software developers would only catch the wave...
09.16.10 / 11:30 AM
To all of us answering this question . .
"We must be the change, we want to see in the World."
As designers, we beautify the world.
As humans, we can do much more :)

ps. I do realize this is an intellectual dialogue ongoing and so in that case, really fonts NEED to be minimally used. People go crazy and use every kind of font for a simple super market board in the Middle East. Time to clean up !
09.17.10 / 6:47 PM
I think work should be more like the format of school ...when I was a kid......in the mornings I learned and practiced piano and guitar.
Then a snack helps a lot. I could update this format to this century...so I guess then I would do social networking and fool around on Facebook late morning !
Afternoons, I would learn another language ...which will help when I travel around the world for design. Late afternoons is all about talking about history.....when I can slightly nod off...or concentrate to remember the states that border Colorado...where I like to fly into to ski.
I realize that this is a design blog....but these are the designs in my head at the moment !
09.19.10 / 6:28 PM
i would change myself. remove my antagonistic editors & internal bullies.

removing that negative side of me would allow for the good wolf to feed and the bad one to starve, ceasing to exist.

i'd be better off, as would the world, if i changed myself.

thankfully, i am changing. peace.
09.19.10 / 7:55 PM
Okay: here's my real answer. If I could change anything it would be my desire to change things. I would embrace all that is with humility. One of the issues with changing, fixing, innovating things is that we have a fantasy in an outcome which is an embodiment of a kind of faith in multiple gods. Really, (and this is one of my favorite observations) every new thing (or in this case... everything you wish to change) comes with an unforseen "accident". The invention of the plane is also the invention of the plane crash. When Ram Das sought advice from the Maharaji about venturing to Delhi to aid in disaster relief, the mentor told the student "Go or don't go, it makes no difference".

"We must be the change we want to see in the world", while a beautiful statement, I find it ominous. I'm not sure my judgement is so good that I can take that scale of change on. I've seen, for example, a lot of men organize great harm with the tight fist of their beliefs. And while I want to call for a higher order of self to align with higher order beliefs, I worry that my own definition of higher order may be naive and lead to unanticipated plane crashes.

I've always been cautious of change, but tend to embrace being. Through being, I laugh at my demons, feel the suffering around me, and every now and then stumble onto something that ends up catalyzing a change where the adoption is worth the price.

And yes, I do run head first into the wall trying to make things better. But really, I try as hard as I could to put no faith in the outcome and submitting to the process instead.



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