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August 22, 2010

Which sense would you keep?

With this inwords topic we we're asking you to make a decision. If you had to pick one (just one!) of the five senses to keep, what is the single sense that you couldn't live without? We also want to know why your selection is the most important. We're excited to see what you all decide...though we're secretly hoping you all keep the sense of sight so we all continue to benefit from reading your thoughtful contributions to these discussions.

Participation is caring. Share your thoughts and help shape the dialogue in a meaningful way. Your contribution makes all the difference in building a stronger Design is Love community.

08.08.10 / 9:34 PM
Taste would have to be the first to go... but then what? Probably the sense of smell. Boy, this is pretty challenging. Being creatively inclined, the knee-jerk reaction would have to be to keep the sense of sight. But then we wouldn't get to listen to all the music everyone said they couldn't live without in their ideal office (from the last discussion). Hmmm... guess that's it. We're going to keep the sense of sight. We LOOK forward to HEARING what sense you FEEL like you can keep.
08.09.10 / 10:19 AM
I thought that it would be difficult question, but it was truthfully rather easy.

I would keep my sense of Sight. Being blind would crush me more so than losing any other sense. It actually terrifies me thining about it.

Smell... Taste, see ya' later. Been wonderful having you in my life. I love music, so much so that I'm probably going to be deaf anyway because I listen to music too loudly. I figure I could combat losing my sense of Hearing by setting up some lighting system to appreciate the music. They did that in Mr. Holland's Opus, right?, or was that Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

I actually think the most difficult sense to give up would be Touch. I'm a very tactile person and losing that would be the most difficult. That and I'd probably convince myself I was invincible and injure myself very badly.

Last, but not least, my Sixth Sense would be hard to lose as well, but I've kept that hidden extremely well over the years so I think I could sneak that one through along with Sight.
08.09.10 / 12:09 PM
Sight is something very important in my life. My vision is already pretty bad, but with a little help from contacts I appreciate what I can see. I could not imagine a day without people watching or paying attention to nature's every detail. Artwork derives from the things we see everyday, without seeing how could we create. If We had no vision, then art would probably not exist. Unless we created very texturalized pieces or monuments. I am not saying it could not be possible, because it can. However, I feel that artwork would definetely be difficult without sight. Sight is a precious thing, I appreciate what I see around me and the inspiration it plays in my artwork.
08.10.10 / 4:09 AM
Bcgrabell: Mr. Holland's Opus... the song was "Beautiful Boy". I sued to sing that to Jack when he was a tyke. It's 4:30 in the morning... I just broadcast a verse his way. I hope he gets it.

If I could get rid of smell and taste (barring the physical warning signs they provide), I would love that... heck, I'd volunteer for a year without them right now. With the exception of Abraham D'Arby roses and the taste of heirloom tomatoes fresh from the garden (maybe a few other things...), I find smell and taste to be a burden.

I think of the 3 remaining, hearing would be the first I would chuck. I have a catalog of sounds and music in my head right now—things I haven't heard in several decades, but retain the nuances in playback. As for the music I create... what's in my head is more expressive than I could actually play, so I'd be satisfied with keeping it in my head. The largest regrets would be not hearing my kids' concerts and the sound of my wife's voice. But I've been around deafness enough to know that you can get used to sounds off. Because the idea of not hearing is familiar to me, I'm less afraid of losing my hearing. I also recognize that I've been losing bits of it every year. I can project into a future with no hearing.

So sight or touch...

I think it might surprise a lot of folks to know I would rather lose my sight. I saw a photo of Picasso drawing in the air with a flashlight. The art was beautiful... this gracious bull. His hands replicated with confidence the thoughts that were in his head. I think I've seen enough and done enough to do the best work I have yet to do without the benefit of my eyes. I work with a team of super talented people... we don't all need to see. Plus, I see designs in finite form in my head.. so long as I give myself the luxury of stillness. I think if I couldn't see, I'd be more detailed (less lazy) in verbally expressing what I'm thinking. I would certainly miss seeing a host of things that wait for me down the road relating to my family. I also don't like absolute darkness. It terrifies me. If blindness were a deep well of black, I'm afraid I would dissociate from living and constantly project beautiful sights from my memory to keep from the blackness.. I imagine that this would eat up a lot of my life, or someone would have to be in constant dialogue with me as a distraction. I think it's scary because I have no intimate relationship with blindness, except that I've been losing my eyesight a little each year since I turned 40 (but that doesn't really count...).

I couldn't do without touch. I can't replicate it in my mind. The memory of touch lasts just a few seconds for me, then it's gone and I'm craving it again... I spend all day thinking about a hello hug from the ones I love in much the same way other people delight in thinking about what they will have for lunch. It keeps me grounded, honest, minimizes my arrogance, reminds me more than any other sense of my humanity, my connections and the importance of being respectful. To me, it's the most directly related to how I love. A friend of mine told be earlier today that he saw two parts of me... a reclusive guy who needs a lot of time to hole up with the privacy of creation, and a family/social guy who gives and gives wholeheartedly. I thought that was a kind and generous thing he said. Without touch, I think it would take more and more effort for me to not disappear into myself. So... touch wins.
08.10.10 / 4:14 AM
bcgrabell: actually close encounters also... that's how they broadcast the 5 welcoming tones to the Alien craft... sound mirrored with light (I think). Seems like a Dreyfus themes. By the way... the boy in Mr. Holland's Opus was Cole Holland. See?
08.15.10 / 12:50 PM
Taste and smell are probably the easier ones to get rid of. Between touch, sight, and hearing its a hard call but at the same time I think its an easy call. I would have to keep sight, its part of who I am and what I do, not just so I can sit in front of the computer and design things all day but because it is how experience the world.

@rich I find your answer interesting and I wonder if later on when I am at a differnt point in life (have traveled the world more, have kids, etc) that I would choose to keep a different sense
08.18.10 / 11:59 AM
@ethan / that is interesting insight (alliteration!) to the importance of experiences as the deciding factor between ditching touch or sight.

@rich / Dreyfus has been in some good flicks. mash potato sculpting is one of my favorite past times since that movie. cole holland... that is interesting.

also, you put to words very eloquently the attractiveness and importance of touch. though, i'd still have to go with sight. maybe i'm just too afraid to lose what i "know".
08.19.10 / 3:26 PM
This one is easy for me. Sight. Without sight it would be really tough for me to make things. I couldn’t live without that.

First one I crossed of the list? Taste, without taste I would probably eat a zillion times better. But I would miss pizza so much!
08.20.10 / 9:07 PM
Taste, touch, smell...It's been cool having you around but see you later...It's a tough decision to pick between sight and sound.

I'd miss the heck out of sight and the idea of living the balance of my life without seeing scares me. Not being able to see the results of determined creative work feels anticlimactic. On the flip side of the argument for sight: lately I've found myself being able to visualize ideas and creative executions earlier in the process so maybe with a good partner who can see and design the heck out of something I'd feel more comfortable losing my sight.

That leaves hearing as the sense I would keep. And right now, it makes the most sense (no pun intended). My daughter is 8.5 months right now and we're enjoying her so much at this age that having her current looks, movements and mannerisms etched in my mind as lasting visuals would suit me fine. The thing I wouldn't want to miss? Hearing her voice develop and sharing a lifetime of conversations with her. I think I may go listen to her sleep now...with my eyes closed...
08.21.10 / 8:42 PM
I would have to keep my sense of touch. I have three lovely little boys and a fabulous husband that love to hug me and kiss me and wrestle with me. Of course, hearing my boys say, "I love you, Mommy," is like hearing an angel speak...and when I watch them playing & running and having fun, I'm so filled with pride and joy I could almost cry...but if I couldn't feel all those hugs or feel those sweet little hands in mine, I think I would die.
08.22.10 / 10:40 AM
This is easy for me as well. I would definitely keep my sense of sight. Though, I imagine it would be quite difficult to create without my sense of touch. Smell comes in dead last.
08.22.10 / 1:11 PM
@yellowllama: I can relate. 5 boys and one amazing wife.


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