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August 8, 2010

Tell us about your ideal workspace.

Sitting in our own digs, discussing what the next inwords topic could be, we began talking about work environments and how important space can be to representing and facilitating the "work" you believe in. If you could start with a blank canvas, what would your ideal workspace look, sound or even smell like? Share links if words just won't cut it.

Participation is caring. Share your thoughts and help shape the dialogue in a meaningful way. Your contribution makes all the difference in building a stronger Design is Love community.

07.25.10 / 8:51 PM
Building off of last week's discussion, we thought it would be interesting to see perfection applied with a specific goal in mind: Creating the ideal work environment. You may be surprised to find out at Design Is Love everything isn't painted pink and plastered with hearts... okay, maybe a closet or two. We can't wait to read how you all would create your ideal space with yourself, co-workers and clients in mind. As always, thanks for your participation. Always with heart, for the love.
07.28.10 / 8:19 AM
So this is a funny question for me. I think, ideally, I would like my workspace to be really organized and furnished with a mid-century modern desk, lamp + chair. I would want a bright yellow filing cabinet from the 60s and a record player. Also an endless supply of sugarfree red bull. But in reality, this is not what my workspace looks like at all, not even close.
So if I have to answer this question with a more attainable ideal in mind, I'd say it's all about a good pair of headphones and a music library with a decent balance between alternative, shoe-gaze, punk, a little proto-metal, lots of soul + funk, bossanova, surf rock and a little bit of folk. To this, add a sketchbook, a computer and lots of pens, pencils and sharpies. And an eraser for sure.

All other variables change too often and aren't essential.
07.28.10 / 10:21 AM
My space would be geographically close. So that I could walk or ride my bike. I'm sick of cars. However, I would not like my workspace to be a part of my living space. I need separation. I need balance.

It would have to be beachfront (as would my home). Probably some town in CT. I thought about Pacific Northwest (that's the aspiring park ranger talking), but I'm used to the access to all of the places in the Northeast that I love (Northampton, MA & New Haven, CT). Also, I need an office that has a place I can walk to clear my head during the day if things get to be too much. Fresh air usually clears dilemmas that I'm fixated on. I'm not a city boy and I'm certainly not country either. I'm something in-between, like CT.

It wouldn't be a shared space or an office building. It would be my own. one floor with an area on the roof to chill out and have outdoor meetings when the weather is golden. Brick, wood, stone, metal with awesome windows & shudders. Stuff with feeling. Tactility. Shit, I'd even have a fountain and a nice garden. I need it to be meditative. It's good for my chi, my creativity.

A proper sound system is a must. I'm going with @constanz_a... a nice record player as well as hookup to my iTunes. No headphones if possible. I feel cut off in a bad way when I have them on. Music should fill the air. It can be quiet or loud depending on my mood or the task at hand, but it should be there. Constantly.

I've learned to appreciate the value of good lighting. That includes the craftsmanship & the light it casts. Lights should be beautiful even when they're turned off.

The tactility of the outside would continue to the inside. Swanky carpets on hardwood floors. French doors in the back that would be open when that golden weather is present, so you can smell the salty air of the water. Oh yeah, badass curtains, no blinds. There would also be a small backyard with a grill (just in case). Yes, the sound system reaches the outside and the roof as well.

Open floor format. Tall ceilings with exposed beams. Bookcases & cabinets that would function as partitions and also be filled with anything I deem awesome enough to be collected and archived. The furniture would be collected over time and extensive research in the field of boutiques and consignment shops that would have a French quality to them. There would be art on the walls. Nothing done by me. Only work done by friends & creatives that I want to emulate. A dart board is a must.

There would be a comfortable sized kitchen with a vintage fridge. Wine rack (filled), tall bar tables with stools. Coffee maker (French Press for Mr. Dudek).

A nice finished basement for storage and samples and. Also where the rest of the artwork resides when not currently on view upstairs.

My desk would be in the back. Out of the way. Stemming off that area would be the creative war & peace room which would have a whiteboard, drafting table and every supply needed to create by hand. They way it was meant to be.
07.28.10 / 12:54 PM
Big Windows. Sound proof. Surround sound. Ample table top space.
Bright walls. Dry erase walls. Remote controlled lighting. Plenty Sharpies
and plenty paper to sketch.

@Costanza "Send me some Bossa Nova!!!"
07.28.10 / 12:59 PM
@vaughn sounds good. I will figure out a way to send you some sweet brazilian sounds. oh! can it be a cassette tape?! I can totally get into that.
07.29.10 / 10:06 AM
My dream workspace would be in a barn with scenic view for inspiration. Ideal would be right near the water somewhere or an open field. I want my workplace to be local though so I don't have to travel far to create pieces. The barn would be open spaced to fit all art supplies. There would probably be a little mess; I mean it has to be with all that creation going on. However, supplies would be organized so that I always know where things are placed. I really just need a decent amount of space to store and work comfortably.
07.29.10 / 10:08 AM
Oh ya....and a good selection of music!
07.29.10 / 11:38 AM
I would need a space that I can be totally comfortable. Lots of open space with a small kitchen. Huge windows and def lots of table top space for sketching. Being in a city would be nice, lots of inspiration. Oh also bikes and beer! need to be able to have fun if things get to stale.
07.29.10 / 11:49 AM
ah, this is so inspiring! you guys are making me rethink my space.

ok, so I definitely want a kitchen with lots of fruit and a variety of cheeses and bread. And big big windows, to almost give a sense of being outside, inside.
I would also ideally go without headphones and have a decent soundsystem. Record player is still a must, but itunes helps keep workflow.

@bcgrabell made me think of something crucial: a place where I can step out, walk around and decompress if needed. A field would be nice. I would love to be able to have my lunch outside instead of by the computer. Picnic everyday when it's nice out.

Yeah, that's getting closer.
07.29.10 / 7:18 PM
My ideal work space would be fairly simple in order to keep out distraction and allow people to focus on their thoughts. I would definitely need to have comfortable chairs for therapy, a big desk, and a window with a view of something. I am currently in an office without a window and I often feel like I am being sucked in by darkness. I would like to have an area of my office where I could do yoga. Calm color paint and simple art work would be important. I would also like throw rugs, rugs are fun! Any space outside my office isn't as important to me as I am in my office with my door closed for most the day. Although I wouldn't mind a pool or a track at work!
07.30.10 / 8:52 AM
I only just recently found my ideal workspace. It was pictured on Felt & Wire and once I saw it I KNEW this was it. I'm presently trying to figure out how to create such an oasis. It's perfect and if I had it, I'd never leave. All my clients would have to travel to come to me . . . and I don't think anyone would mind. Check out Marian Bantjes' porch area with the flowing curtains, white covered seating areas. I could write here forever. Also love the cutouts in the sheets. What would I do once the weather turned cold? I don't know. Maybe I'd have to move somewhere warm and sunny.

08.01.10 / 9:36 PM
Day 1
White walls, white floor, white desk, chair, pencil.
Day 2
All gray.
Day 3
All black.
08.03.10 / 5:06 PM
A place where I can escape into PLUS at the end of the day that I can escape from. I sometimes find it hard to differentiate between my workspace and living space, especially at college and at home where my desk and computer are only a couple steps away from the bed.

The specifics -- Large desk, cold water to drink, pens, two monitors, music, lots of natural light, tons of books, and something that is modern but has a home-like feeling to it as well.

People, friends, colleagues and mentors for company, for feedback, for inspiration.

Plants inside is a pretty big thing too, plus maybe some sort of small outside garden cause computer screens get to be way too much to handle at times.

And candy, probably gummy bears to act as a reward as certain milestones in the day to day work are achieved.


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