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June 27, 2010

Have any work that you feel good about?

A lack of time, fear, indecisiveness and distractions: the last inwords dialogue showed us that many things get in the way of great work. Getting past obstacles can yield remarkable results. For this inwords discussion we want to know what you’ve worked on lately that you feel particularly good about. Share your thoughts, a story or even a link.

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06.13.10 / 6:35 PM
To say we’re proud of this site and the growing Design is Love community is an understatement. Everyday we carefully watch more members sign up, checking locations, portfolios and the personal “about me” statements you’re writing. What we can already tell about this talented group is that everyone has heart and believes we can do great things together.

You inspire us to work harder everyday to make Design is Love better and create the experience you all deserve. Recently we had a wonderfully insightful conversation with an association that helps inform and inspire non-profit organizations. We’re hoping it leads to the formation of many lasting relationships between current and future members.

Keep encouraging those around you to join, and know it make us feel pretty dang good to see Design is Love grow.
06.13.10 / 8:58 PM
my new baby boy. does that count?
06.13.10 / 11:51 PM
Do these past 6 inwords illustrations count? :)
06.14.10 / 10:04 AM
A big love for us lately has been a strict, internal typography experiment. Designers rotate weekly for a one hour only typographic illustration project. It spawned from my personal love for ridiculous words, especially those barely in use within the English language today. So, we pull a new word for the week from a hat and post something new every week on our blog: http://tfcreative.wordpress.com

It feels great to escape the rules of the outside world and create a handful for ourselves – knowing, of course, that only pure creativity will prevail.
06.15.10 / 9:49 AM
@jsolak @chrispiascik I wanna say anything counts on this one. It's all about feelin' goooood.
@triplefrog that looks like such fun. I will make it a point to check it out regularly, I am totally a word nerd, I will now spend my time trying to use "sesquihoral", "onomatomania" and "jocoserious" in everyday conversations, thanks! haha

So–I've been feeling pretty good about this project I just started participating on called "100 days project" ( onehundreddays.net ). It was hard to pick one thing that's made me happy recently, but I decided on this one because it's something I've been putting off for a long time (flexing the creative muscle outside of work) and it's forcing me to draw/paint/write (almost) everyday, which makes life a lot more enjoyable.
06.16.10 / 11:30 AM
Creating an illustration submission for DIL .

and oh yeah @Constanza_nation - wheres my submission?? (harassing tone)
06.16.10 / 11:54 AM
Having more server space than I know what to do with and using it on friends and personal projects.
06.17.10 / 1:56 PM
@vaughn The Independent Republic of Constanza believes strongly in procrastination. It is part of our Constitution. That being said, we've put a special task-force in charge of submitting a drawing to Peculiar Bliss so, no need to fear.
06.17.10 / 2:16 PM
@constanz_a : would love to see the 100 days work you've been doing.
06.18.10 / 9:50 AM
@richh_colab I'm a couple of days behind right now, but this is the blog http://constanza.posterous.com
06.18.10 / 4:42 PM
@triplefrog any chance people outside the design staff get to work on a word and finally create it in a week? looks like a lot of fun.
i'm a major typography lover & lately .. i've been feeling pretty clogged up. Recently did some semantics and produced some Kitsch-modernist lookin type : )
06.18.10 / 4:45 PM
@constanz_a just when i was starting to think . . no one but me uses posterous . . i found you ! lol. check ===> http://sabreenaziz.posterous.com
06.21.10 / 8:30 AM
A recent project that I have started working on is doing the design work for TEDxBloomington,
a conference about the wisdom of play. It is an independently organized TED event that will be happening next May, you can see the temporary website below for more information!

06.21.10 / 12:48 PM
i feel really good about the existential work i've been doing. i really feel that i'm a lot closer to understanding who i am.

kind of a weird thing to consider work, but it really has been. i've been drawing, writing, reading and conversing to obtain a stronger understanding of my self and via this detective work, i am learning a great deal about those around me.

i am most happy with my writing. when i am writing on the regular, i tend to appreciate creativity a great deal more. when i am actively appreciating mine and others creativity, i am a much more grounded person. therefore happier.
06.22.10 / 9:42 AM
@ jsolak > totally counts. hope you and the family are doing well.

@ chrispiascik > counts as well. you're the man.

@ triplefrog > that is a really interesting exercise. it reminds me of parallel letter recognition, which is when you can read a purposely misspelled word with the same ease as if it was correctly spelled. i am still devising a project geared towards this subject.

@ sabreenaziz > you aren't the only posterous user... i am too = http://bcgrabell.posterous.com/



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