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June 13, 2010

What’s your biggest obstacle?

Obstacles are prevalent in all professions, whether you’re an illustrator, designer, healthcare professional or a non-profit director. For this inwords discussion we want to know what you perceive as your biggest obstacle, and how do you overcome the limitations it places on your work / ideas / success / general well-being?

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05.31.10 / 8:23 AM
At Design is Love, our biggest obstacle is finding enough time to deliver on all the highly ambitious ideas we have when it comes to building this online community. We're constantly thinking and rethinking ways to keep everyone engaged, increase participation and grow membership. With so much to do (and growing families to tend to) we're often up late working on content development and tweaks to the site. Finding balance is a skill we're working on, but boy do we wish there was more time in the day.
06.02.10 / 3:36 PM
my biggest obstacle is my fear. talk about unoriginal.

i fear that if i really try, i could really fail. i know that i can't let it paralyze me the way it does and it's all about the trying and the failure... yet, here i am. motionless.

this is contradicts my last inwords post, but i tend to go from one extreme to the other. in this post i am afraid of knowing who i really am and all that i am capable of. i am afraid of nobody. i am afraid of myself.

this is one hell of a debbie downer post. but this is my obstacle. it affects more than just me on a daily basis.
06.02.10 / 7:40 PM
I recognize my obstacles only in the context of my failings.
They fall in 2 categories:

1) Sometimes, I forget to dream bigger.
2) Sometimes, I pronounce success prematurely.
06.03.10 / 8:24 AM
06.03.10 / 12:20 PM
I think mine is lack of organization, which results in lack of focus. I am so scattered-minded sometimes that I fail to really commit to one thing at a time. I end up being involved in many projects, stressing myself out for not having enough time, promising I will never do that to myself and everyone around me again. But I go right back, cause I can't stand letting an opportunity go by and I really do care about it all very much. I think I might've missed out on a birthday party in 1st grade that everyone was talking about after and it scarred me for life. I'm working hard on getting past this. I really think all these endeavors I care about will evolve into better, stronger ones once I narrow my focus. And I find I'm always happier and enjoy the process way more whenever I'm fully engaged and relaxed.
06.03.10 / 12:21 PM
@thom haha!
06.03.10 / 4:22 PM
I think recently my biggest obstacle has been never saying no. I take on every project that comes my way or attempt to create every idea I have and I've just wound up with a large amount of unfinished work. Being busy is a good problem to have but it has just gotten ridiculous.

I made the decision a week or two back to finish a few things before I start anything else new.
06.04.10 / 9:38 AM
I think my biggest obstacle is finding balance between different projects and aspects of living. Right now I am so immersed in design all the time, that sometimes I think it would be good to step back for a day sometimes and focus on something else or focus on nothing at all.

I know if I stepped back a little bit more it would provide other perspectives and background that I then can bring back to my work with design.

I have become engaged and excited about the work I do, which I am glad to say is most of the time, but this also makes it almost impossible for me to turn off the mind from thinking and take some time off.
06.04.10 / 3:55 PM
@rich > does one affect you more than the other? is it an 'either or' situation? as someone who has the fortune of knowing you, hearing you say that you forget to dream big is startling to me. i'm certainly not saying it's bs, but i am intrigued that you think you don't dream big enough.

@ thom > hilarious.

@ ethan > i have yet to figure out balance completely, but i can say that taking the step back is a great way to gain perspective. another way is to just ask for it. if i feel like i am off, i find asking one of my intimate friends for some outside perspective, it acts as a great counterweight to my one-sided nature.
06.06.10 / 6:23 PM
My biggest obstacle as a substance abuse clinician is that I can be too optimistic.

I try to find good in everything I do and in every person. Often I set myself up for disappointment and this leads to discouragement. I question whether I am an effective clinician. I have to remember that not everyone is ready for change and my job is to try and help the ones who are and keep those who don't want to change engaged in treatment. I also feel my weakness can be a strength at times because I can't imagine a have a counselor who is a pessimist.
06.07.10 / 1:20 PM
Indecisiveness. Right from black or white, to should i pursue my masters or not? Its all about making a choice and the way i flip flop from one to another . . is UNbelievable. What's funny? I'm always in a state of confusion & i don't really like it there =s.

My biggest obstacle ever since i've been a little girl is this crazy need to please everyone. While it may be looked upon as a good quality, I recently have learnt, not so much. You end up lost in your craze of making everyone happy; while amidst the process; not realizing someone needs your attention more than everybody. And that someone is yourself !

And since i'm so indecisive, couldn't decide which of the two was the bigger obstacle : )
06.08.10 / 9:16 PM
from Scott Belsky, Making Ideas Happen: Creativity is a double-edged sword. The more ideas we have, the less likely we are to stay loyal to one. So the creative mind ends up jumping from idea to idea, and none of them happen. There is no correlation between how great an idea is and the likelihood of it happening.

I'm not like that. I don't think I'm like that. I hope I'm not like that. Am I like that?
06.09.10 / 10:17 PM
@bcgrabell and @sabreenaziz - I know how you guys feel.

I'm not sure whether fear or indecisiveness is the bigger obstacle for me. Well, I guess fear is probably what causes my indecisiveness. I find myself stressing a ton because I'll think that I'm not allowed to make a mistake. Once I get over that hump, things usually turn out fine. I just have to remind myself constantly that failure is allowed and probably a good thing sometimes.
06.10.10 / 8:15 AM
My biggest obstacle has always been lack of organization. I'm not a natural multitasker, although I fake it reasonably well, and I work in a field and belong to a generation to whom multitasking is considered a virtue, a necessity. Which brings me to my other obstacle: worrying about how what I'm doing stacks up against what others are doing, and what I feel I "should" be doing. This is a subjective field (design), and there are a million applications for it. I love what I do, and I love the direction it's taken me, although I might not be considered "successful" by some standards. I'm learning to let go of these perceptions, but it takes work.

Wow, this really is like therapy!
06.10.10 / 1:36 PM
The Internet has helped create an arena to grow my work, business, and creativity. At the same time it is a complete and utter distraction and it literally kills my creativity.
I have to go online everyday for work but in a split second, am deterred away from my original intention and onto social networking sites, social media sites, art + design blogs, etc.. It's so ingrained into life I don't know what I did before the Internet!

In a way while these sites inspire me (and the crazy part is I run one of them), I also find them obstacles. I realize how much crap is online and I hope that my work isn't adding to all of the drone. It paralyzes my process sometimes.

I decided to take Internet Sabbaticals. One week a month...starting next month, of coarse.



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