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Rhode Island
Branding, Logos & Identity, Illustration, Print design, Product design, Package design
Animal Rights, Arts + Creativity, Disaster Relief, Education, Environment, Human Rights, Hunger / Poverty, Sustainability
I am a 29-year-old graphic designer from Providence, Rhode Island. I've been passionate about art and design from a very young age and have been fortunate to make a career out of it through high school, college, and since.

In the first twelve years or so of my career I have had incredible opportunities to work with brands such as Disney, Star Wars, Warner Brothers, Hasbro, Marvel and DC comics, ALEX AND ANI, colleges and sororities throughout the country, Armed Forces, NFL, and MLB. I've also had the pleasure of working with local companies that are in the infancy stages of their identity, which I've found can be the most rewarding projects for both designer and client.

I've lent a hand to several non-profit and charities over the past few years. From designing invitations to award dinners or logos pro-bono, to traveling to Nicaragua to help build a well for a community in need of water. I like to help and connect with communities, but admittedly life gets in the way all too often. I came across this website and thought it might help me help others with what I do best - design.

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