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Health + Addiction, Animal Rights, Arts + Creativity, Education, Environment, Human Rights, Hunger / Poverty, Special Needs, Sustainability, Youth Development
W Y D K= What You Don't Know..?

WYDK TV is a network of educational public television programs and community events with one purpose in mind: to help people become more aware in order for more informed choices to be made in their lives.

All WYDK TV programs are designed for educational purposes. Our goal is to address current issues that are relevant to everyone regardless of age, ethnicity or country of origin.

We at WYDK TV believe humans have so much more in common than is generally realized; similarities that transcend age, locations, beliefs, differences in cultures, gender, and any other dividing factors.

We must learn to live together or we will all die together – an inability to coexist does not only have an effect on humans but for every living creature on this earth.

WYDK TV = What You Don’t Know… about your health, your world your rights, your money and your safety. WYDK TV is a series of Public educational TV programs and events. That can be viewed from any media device! 24/7 from anywhere around the world!
Our Virtual Volunteer Team is composed of people all over the world, who generously give of their worldwide. Use your online and social media skills to share important messages that change lives.
Do you care about global social issues like?
Disability, Disability Aid, Disability Rights, Conservation, Civil Rights, Educational, Eco-Friendly, Alternative Energy, Animal Rights, Fine Arts, Finance Education, Humanitarian Organizations, Health Care, Legal Rights, Human rights, Ethical Medical Research, Sustainable Living, Historical Preservation, Wildlife Conservation, Personal Safety, Alternative Health Care, Natural Foods, Natural Beauty, Science & Technology…etc.

Would you like to use your social talents to help Social Change?

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