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Building a Stronger Community

Here at Design is Love we're always looking for new ways to expand on the relationships we've created. Over years of work together on many projects, Tim Mendola (of Mendola Artists Representatives) has proved to be a valuable resource to the creative work we do. When recently looking for a new inwords artist, Tim put us in touch with the amazingly talented Richard Mia, who we've been a fan of for some time.

Richard (who is represented by our friends at Gerald & Cullen Rapp) has an innate ability to understand the subject for an illustration and create a beautiful piece of artwork that is both accessible, and at the same time, challenges a viewer to look deeper to understand more. Often using a subtle insertion of opinion and the thoughtfulness that comes from caring intensely about your craft, Richard's work is well-worth a second, third and fourth look when searching for your next illustrator.

Check out Richard's current inwords illustration!

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