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A Growing Community


We recently stumbled onto a wonderful Russian design website and  publication called kak.ru and were compelled to reach out to the editors to express our admiration for the awesome work they're producing. We also used the opportunity to share the Design Is Love story with the kak editors in hopes of growing our community with the help of a few comrades from the other side of  the globe.

The results are better than we could have ever imagined. The editors posted a call for membership in their news section. This call directed members of kak.ru's community to jump onto the Design Is Love site with the intention of using serious collaboration to shape and grow an idea sans borders and pro love.

We are very pleased to report that as a direct result of the posting, the DIL community has grown with a host of new profiles being added from all over Europe. To each of our new community members, both foreign and domestic, we have a very important message. "Hi. We're happy you're here."

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