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Showing the love


Around here, most days are pretty casual, unless we have to get dolled up for a client meeting or after-work event. Typically, it’s jeans, tshirts and sneakers for us. To supply our insatiable appetite for all things 100% cotton, we’ve produced a handful of Design is Love shirts. At this point, we’re one shirt shy of having the work week covered with branded apparel. Shop the shop and show the world you have an endless supply of heart.

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Well it took a bit of time, but all great things do…right? We’re happy to share that the Design Fund has set sail on its maiden voyage. “Love & Creativity” represents the first-ever Design Fund offering. For this project, we asked Design is Love members to share their take on creativity. Eight members submitted original artwork. To honor their engagement, we decided to print them all.

The set includes 8 original posters created by 8 artists from varying backgrounds / geographic locations / styles. We packaged them in a custom screen-printed box, printed with a ton of love by the Design is Love crew. Each set ships with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity, proof that you support work from the heart.

Contributing artists include Chris Piascik, Ryan Frease, Claudia Smith, Justin Muir, Josh Lafayette, Tomasz Kazmierczak, Vaughn Fender and Lorena Iturrino.

Remember, proceeds from Design Fund products help support future community projects and development of the Design is Love movement. Help our continued growth with your purchase today!

"Love & Creativity" Poster series"Love & Creativity" Poster series"Love & Creativity" Poster series

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