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The co:lab crew was all hands on deck when it came to pulling our site together. For the better part of two years (off and on), we’ve been working and reworking site ideas, designs and programming options. Through the whole process, we’ve managed to somehow stay positive and genuinely excited, which is pretty much the norm with the co:crew.

This project would still be in the concept stage if it weren't for our good friend Thom who tirelessly built the beast that is Designislove.com. We’re especially impressed with how easy he makes everything—or at least how he pretends that our questions are never too complicated. So, to Thom, thanks!

We’re happy to share the results of a "get it done" attitude while remaining true to our passion of building a stronger creative community. Take a look around, join up and help build a site that we can all be equally excited about. After all, this site is for everyone. Enjoy!

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